TODAY   |  March 13, 2013

Obama reaches out to Congress Republicans

President Obama is ramping up his outreach to Congress with four meetings on Capitol Hill this week, including lunch today with Republican leaders just a day after Paul Ryan released the Republican budget. NBC’s Kristen Welker reports.

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>> developments in the budget battle raging in washington. probe heads to capitol hill for a rare lunch with house republicans. kristen welker has details this morning. good morning.

>> reporter: savannah, good morning to you. the last time president obama spoke face to face with house republicans was june of 2011 . today's visit on capitol hill comes as democrats and republicans are unveiling dramatically different budgets leaving many to wonder if the meetings will produce more than just talk. president obama ramping up his outreach to congress with four meetings on capitol hill this week. today, a rare lunch with house republicans. on tuesday, a give and take with democrats behind closed doors . beyond the smiles, not everyone at the white house is happy about the meetings. the national journal reports an unanimous senior white house officially called the meetings a joke and said, i hope you all in the media are happy. we are doing it for you.

>> i have no idea who said that. but that opinion has never been voiced in my presence, in the president's presence, in the west wing .

>> reporter: adding to the tension, both parties are rolling out starkly different budgets. senate democrats unveiled theirs today. sources say it will cut the deficit by $2 trillion through tax hikes and spending cuts. gop leaders say the plan will raise taxes without balancing the budget.

>> we believe we owe the american people a balanced budget .

>> reporter: republican paul ryan 's budget released tuesday balances the budget in ten years. highlights include repeal of the health care law , an overhaul of ped care making it a private insurance plan funded by vouchers and unspecified reforms of the tax code with a goal of creating two brackets -- 10 and 25%.

>> to inflate the claims of deficit reduction.

>> reporter: hours after the president meets with house republicans he will speak at a dinner for organizing for action, the retooled version of his campaign in a move that's rankling some republicans saying it runs counter to his outreach. despite the rhetoric, lawmakers haven't ruled out the possibility of a grand bargain for deficit reduction. that seems like tough sled eing given how sharply divided both sides remain. matt?

>> kristen welker at the white