TODAY   |  March 12, 2013

4 tips for finding the perfect jeans

Lisa Marsh from Good Housekeeping tried on 74 pairs of jeans in order to find the perfect fit. She says that whether you’re skinny, need some extra support or have long legs, there are jeans for you!

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>>> that fried chicken was so delicious, half of it is on my face. we're back on this tuesday, with today's style. and we're going to help you find the perfect pair of jeans, you know what it's like. you get into the dressing room with 15 different kinds of jeans, none of them make it past your knees.

>> or they're so low in the back --

>> i hate that.

>> i don't like those kind of jeans that all of your assets are hanging out. that's what happened to lisa marsh, she tried on 74 pairs of jeans, before finding some that fit her curves, lisa is a writer for "good housekeeping."

>> nice to see you, you're bound and determined to get a great pair of jeans.

>> it was not 74, 73 1/2, because one only went up to my knees.

>> a lot of people look at labels.

>> the sizes are so different.

>> you know what, you have to walk in with an open mind . i am a curvy woman. you would think that curvy jeans would fit me. curvy jeans look terrible on me, skinny jeans look good on me. you have to say, do i have to have this pair of jeans? do i have to have this particular brand? no, i want a pair of jeans that fit me right.

>> jeans, can you pay a price, for them, they have to be comfortable.

>> what matters is where the pockets sit. if they too low, they look terrible.

>> i like jeans that are made with no pockets.

>> slimming.

>> you don't put anything in them, anyway.

>> the pocket situation -- you have to have the pockets that fit correctly. you don't want them too big, they make your butt look weird, you don't want them too small. you have to take somebody with you.

>> what are these jeans?

>> these are coldwater creek trouser jeans, i love them, the back looks good.

>> they have a little spandex action in them?

>> almost every jean has a little spandex in them. these are great, i wear them with a jacket, a good pair of shoes,ky go to dinner, go out, i can sit with my kids on the floor and hang out.

>> let's bring our models. kim is very petite what did you find for her?

>> kim is wearing talbot's heritage jean. what's great about these is they are sized for a petite woman. she's only 5'2", she's tiny.

>> she doesn't have to hem them?

>> she would have to hem them if they weren't the right proportion. but these are the right proportion. it's really good for her.

>> thank you, kim .

>> crystal is up next she lost 100 pounds and she wants to dress properly for her body. hello, crystal. way to go.

>> crystal is conscious of her midsection, which she doesn't need to be because she's as skinny as can be. these are yummy tummy jeans, they started as a foundation maker. they have an actual -- like a control panel in there. so she feels skinny. they're very comfortable and she looks incredibly sleek, because the dark denim loses ten pounds for you.

>> i like dark denim ?

>> i want very light or very dark, nothing in between.

>> mona is next, she's very tall and you wanted to make sure she fit well in hers.

>> luba is wearing seven for all mankind. it's as hard to fit somebody very tall as it is for somebody short. for someone like luna. i would suggest she go to bloomingdale's, because they have so many kinds of jeans on the floor.

>> and are they all basically the same price point. these are i think $158. they're more expensive. these jeans that i'm wearing are i think in the $60 range.

>> a big range.

>> is lucy here?

>> she doesn't like the ones that fit too low in the back.

>> nobody does.

>> nobody looks good in those.

>> the crack jeans, not even plumbers like those.

>> lucy is wearing old navy and they are skinny and they fit her perfectly.