TODAY   |  March 12, 2013

KLG begs for Facebook likes – and breaks 500K!

TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford was ready to get down on her knees and beg viewers to “like” the Kathie Lee and Hoda Facebook page, which was on the brink of half a million likes – so she did. And viewers responded!

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>> announcer: and hoda kotb . live, from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza .

>> it is booze-day tuesday, everybody, i bet you didn't know that, it is march 12th . march is marching on and this is a big surprise came in the news.

>> a big day for drinking and drinks, isn't it?

>> yeah, here in new york it is. you think this is a big national story?

>> we're hoping so.

>> because we're trend-setters. as you guys know, mayor bloomberg was tire of having those big jumbo drinks full of sugar in movie theaters and bodegas, he wanted to put a ban on sugary drinks larger than 16 ounces. it was supposed to go into effect tuesday. lo and behold, look what was on the cover of the "new york post." it got struck down and everyone seems joyful.

>> that guy is.

>> he runs a pizza place , i think.

>> he's filling up his cup.

>> i wonder if he's happy about that picture?

>> probably. here is the judge who struck it down.

>> because he likes his big drinks.

>> anyway --

>> we're not making any judgments.

>> no, we are not. the judge said that mayor bloomberg 's plan was quote arbitrary and capricious, that the city extended its authority and the fact that refills were not restricted would quote defeat the purpose of the rule. i think he has a point. we were talking about that. what makes a person not be able to go back and get another one and another one.

>> people are lazy.

>> you're so good at math. you can get this and say you really wanted to get this. right?

>> you could get two of those.

>> you could get what, hold it up.

>> people are lazy. and they don't want to buy two or three. can you imagine drinking that? that's, that's kind of gross. is it diet?

>> no, it's not diet.

>> when you think about how many calories are in that -- you know what? this is one of those instances where i think you got to say -- good for mayor bloomberg , he's trying to come up with something. because we have a huge, huge problem in our country of obesity, which leads to all kinds of other health problems like diabetes and everything else. but i don't think you can legislate either morality in a sense or people's behavior. people are going to drink what they want to drink. and eat what they want to eat, hoda-woman.

>> if you ban things, i'm sure there are fewer smokers because there are fewer places to smoke. ? we asked a friend who does smoke. and said listen, if it were banned completely in new york , and you can't smoke anywhere, what would happen. and she said, i would quit. and then she said, no, i would quit the job. but she said no, i would quit smoking , i have to because i need my job.

>> the mayor is going to appeal that. so he has another shot at it we'll see what happens. speaking of drinking, it's booze-day tuesday. we have these drinks.

>> what is hudson common, you guys?

>> it's a liquor.

>> it's a restaurant, and this has been sponsored by them or inspired by them, which is an inside joke.

>> it's got a lot of -- a blend of liquors, vodka, champagne -- anyway.

>> thank god i don't like this stuff. can you imagine if i liked even more stuff?

>> you like enough stuff.

>> i like enough stuff.

>> so "the view" made an announcement, a couple of announcements yesterday, one that elizabeth hasselbeck is staying.

>> i'm really glad, i happen to know elizabeth really well and happen to adore her. she is one of the best people you know her, hoda?

>> i don't know her as well as you know her.

>> she's a doll.

>> another announcement is that joy behar is leaving "the view." she was announced her top ten reasons to leave "the view." here's one of them.

>> i have my top ten reasons for leaving "the view." would you like to hear them? okay! number one -- number ten, i mean, number ten. abc won't let me drink on the air like hoda and kathie lee .

>> yeah.

>> there you go. what other reasons do you need?

>> we want to wish everybody the best and i have known joy behar for so many years, and it goes back do when i first came to new york 31 years ago and worked at a different network and worked at a different morning show . she was the receptionist for the executive producer at that show. at the time. and literally, was doing stand-up at night. so what whether you agree or disagree with her politically or you like her or dislike what she does on the air -- she worked hard. she has worked really hard and we wish her all the best and i'm glad that elizabeth is going to stay. i think the dissenting views are important and we have to learn to live on the same planet with one another, hoda. look at you and me. oil and water .

>> i predict a blow-out on friday.

>> yeah.

>> i'm going on record and making a prediction for friday that you and i are going to have a major blow-out.

>> it could happen any day. you know what could happen today?

>> what.

>> a landmark.

>> today?

>> on what?

>> on facebook . we are so close to reaching half a million.

>> we've not that close. we've been saying it for months. people aren't liking us.

>> they are liking us.

>> they aren't liking us on the facebook page.

>> maybe it's because we haven't begged.

>> we've been begging, shaking a can.

>> in is no longer working.

>> i don't like the foam thumb. no one is interested.

>> so i'm going to get down -- that's right. please like us on facebook ! please! please like us! it would really mean a lot to koda-bub. she's very insecure and see thinks people don't like her and i know some of you don't like her. but please, like us on facebook .

>> i know three people who do like us and like you and me and are standing right over there. cameron, holly, and holly's daughter caroline are high school friends of mine . we all went to high school and they're just here visiting.

>> we've got three likes.

>> only attractive friends.

>> they are --

>> every friend of yours is like really attractive.

>> thank you.

>> not all their husbands and boyfriends, but all your friends.

>> all right --

>> we had 497 and 47 likes so far. hoda, you're terrible at math. that's very close do half a million.

>> we've had 490-something thousand for four months.

>> because you think you're too big, you're too important to beg. people like begging. yes, they do. they do. it makes them feel powerful.

>> if we hit half a million --

>> you'll beg for a million?

>> i'll beg you for forgiveness. how about that?

>> you need to do that anyway.

>> sheryl sandberg has opened up quite a can of worms.

>> here's the thing, she's the coo of facebook . she's 43 years old and she's talking about a lot of things we've been talking about for a long time.

>> especially in light of melissa mayer, who is the head of -- yahoo. so -- this is why i didn't want to do this in the first place.

>> why?

>> because i think we've made, i don't know why this is a big thing now. we've been discussing these issues forever.

>> she's saying all of these young women are graduating college and the number of ceos and people running companies are so small and she's saying you guys have do lean in and don't opt out before you have a chance to get it or not get it. some people are opting out because they've had a chance to try. they opt out because they might have kids and they make all of these decisions. where men go ahead and say, i'll do it they might not be as qualified but they jump in the deep end.

>> do you think men lie more than women on their resum?s?

>> yes, they do. i think women feel more afraid of getting caught. i think guys have more confidence.

>> i learned a lesson yesterday. i was with a friend and he was telling me that he was, driving anywhere a school and he saw this woman standing in the middle of the street. and he was very concerned about her. because she was erratic and she was, you could tell she was very upset. and he thought maybe she needed help. he goes to her, rolls down the window. she starts screaming, screaming at him. you told me to meet me here. it was some guy she met, she was supposed to meet some guy on online. he realizes he can't help her, he's trying to roll up the window. she smacks the car, leaves a huge hand print on the window. why am i telling you this?

>> i don't know. i tuned out, but what -- what happened?

>> what happened to the lady.

>> lying, that's why. she lied about what she looked like online, so when the guy showed up, he kept going.

>> ha does that have to do about sandberg and coos?

>> this is a woman who is not leaning in.

>> that's a wrap, that's good, that's a nice story.

>> hoda, there's a lesson to be learned from this. is that joanne? that's my goal every day, is to get joanne on the floor, laughing into her depends.

>> ready?

>> for what? i don't know.

>> she went from dating --