TODAY   |  March 12, 2013

How do you tell a friend he has bad breath?

TODAY’s Willie Geist and his best friend, Megan Colarossi, give the male vs. female perspective on some of life’s little dilemmas, and Willie gets a taste of eyebrow threading, which he immediately deems “unpleasant.”

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>> all right, al. thank you. this morning on today's friendly advice, if your best friend can't tell you, who can? my old college friend megan colarossi schooled me on this very show and she's back by popular demand to tell me whether or not i have bad breath , among other things. meg, welcome back.

>> tough, right?

>> before that, what are we doing here?

>> last week we had a chai tea latte. this is my daily detox. carrot, ginger, lemon. take a sip.

>> okay.

>> it's delicious.

>> good. what's the point?

>> al does it. you need to juice. be fit for life, willie ?

>> it cleans me out? i don't know if i need it. before we go further we have big news. you said i could do it on television.

>> early on.

>> since our last meeting with megan we got a little news.

>> yes.

>> would you like to announce?

>> i am four months pregnant with my second kid!

>> megan colarossi-hudson will have a brother or sister. we had to go deep into nash vegas .

>> baby commodore. you're the best.

>> i'm buttering you up.

>> you're going to babysit.

>> i'm not. we'll talk first -- this is a tough one -- about whether or not you tell someone they have bad breath .

>> okay.

>> you say what?

>> yes, yes, yes.

>> always?

>> i think always. there are ways to do it. get in here. let me take a whiff.

>> i'm good.

>> you actually taste a little minty. i'm going to give you some spray.

>> ugh.

>> let's do that. you do have to tell them. i'm so nervous. if i have coffee breath i tell people, don't come too close. i smell. there is a subtle way to do it. if i have mints i take one and go, do you want a mint? i make it easy for them. who wants to walk around with bad breath ? it's like something in your mouth.

>> isn't there a line? i think you can tell your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend. or your one or two very best friends . it's personal. if you have something in your teeth, that's a mistake. it happens. if you have bad breath , that's a chronic problem. it comes from the soul. it's a character flaw. a hard thing to tell somebody.

>> it is, but it isn't. if you go home and your wife says, you have bad breath . you walked around all day. it could be a serious issue. i brought a tongue scraper . use mints. people have to scrape their tongues.

>> that's too much for me. i'm not touching that thing. the poll,, 83% of the viewers agree with megan .

>> boo-ya.

>> next up, pamper parties. young girls in nail salons getting mani, pedi. 3, 4, 5. are you okay with it?

>> i have a daughter. you have a daughter. i see them all the time when i get my nails done. i got my nails done in high school . it was a rite of pass saage and a big deal . i earned it. i could pay for it. it's cute. look how cute. we have one of my niece. mom says it buys me 45 minutes. kids expect it and start to expect, you know, b threading or, you know, anything. getting your hair done. it becomes part of nature. you have to earn something. maybe 13, 14 when you get older.

>> your first one?

>> yeah.

>> i go with what al said. a special occasion . sometimes my daughter lucy goes with my wife christina once or twice a year for a girl's thing. they sit and talk. lucy feels like a little lady. but it is an occasion, not a regular thing she expects.

>> i think it becomes an expectation like the kids expect to go with mom every time. you have created a little situation.

>> poll, 20% of our viewers say under 8 is when it's okay to get a manicure. 30% 8 to oh 12. half the viewers think over 13.

>> 2 for 2.

>> this is remote control wars. guilty pleasure tv. you're a "real housewives" lady.

>> o.c.

>> of the o.c.

>> i'm from o.c.

>> i'm a "the bachelor" guy and i know chris , your husband watches with you. i watch with christina . do you like it when we are there watching with you?

>> i think it is the most annoying thing when chris or oh you or a man watches a show with you. do you know why?

>> why?

>> you talk the whole time. you interrupt. who's that? who's that chick? why is that guy there? why are they yelling? you were texting me last night. chris said, who's texting you? willie is texts me during the bach.

>> christina said the same thing. dude, if you're watching, do your homework before the show.

>> it's like sportscenter. i don't interrupt. come on, man.

>> you have a pavlovian reaction. i filibustered so long we have to save threading.

>> bring her out.

>> do we have two seconds?

>> two seconds.

>> okay. come on out.

>> this is threading. hair removal .

>> shashi. i walk around. what is threading?

>> it's a natural way of hair removal to remove the hair from the root. rest your head here.

>> we'll go to break while you do it.

>> rest, willie .

>> get him good.

>> why would i do this instead of plucking?

>> it's a natural way of