TODAY   |  March 12, 2013

Snooki: My son ‘likes to have a good time’

Pint-sized reality star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi talks to TODAY’s Matt Lauer about growing up from a party girl to being a happy new mom and engaged, her amazing 42-pound weight loss, and her MTV spin-off “Snooki and JWoww.”

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>>> we are back now with the reality star who says she's grown a lot after famously partying with her crew at " jersey shore ." nicole "snooki" polizzi is a happy mom, engaged and just lost -- brace yourself -- 42 pounds. she's enjoying the success of her mtv spin-off, "snooki and j-woww".

>> it's your social security card !

>> can i see it? let me see it.

>> president obama sent us lorenzo 's social security card . lorenzo is officially a human, a citizen of the united states . she's li he is like a person. how is he supposed to write his signature? now he can run for president or be an olympic.

>> "an olympic." how are you feeling?

>> great. a little bit tired from the baby, but overall i feel awesome.

>> he's 6 months old. how is he doing?

>> he's amazing. alert of things. i feel he has a personality now. he's funny and he just likes to have a good time, just like his mom.

>> you get so much attention for what you do on reality tv .

>> mm-hmm.

>> you and i were talking and i think you will get as much attention about the weight loss as anything you have done.

>> i hope so.

>> 42 pounds since your pregnancy, since giving birth. you lost the first 20 in the first two months and it came off quickly.

>> yeah.

>> talk to me b about how you lost the rest?

>> the first 20 came from breastfeeding. that was awesome. then i had to wait until i could work out which was 6 weeks . i went straight to the gym, worked with a trainer. one of oh my good friends anthony. he basically just kicked my butt into shape and gave me express meals.

>> you cut yourself down to 1300 calories a day.

>> yeah.

>> you are someone who admitted in the past you like to eat junk.

>> yeah.

>> and you also like to drink.

>> yeah.

>> where do you stand on the drinking now in terms of trying to lose weight ?

>> it's hard to drink while taking care of a baby so i don't drink at all really. when i do, i get drunk off three sips so it's good.

>> let me clear it up. was this about getting your body back in shape or was it about the fact that you can't go to a club at night and do shots of whatever and wake up and take care of lorenzo ?

>> both. i knew i couldn't party because i'm a parent. i have to take care of someone else . so the partying is done basically. i have nights where i go out with my girls for wine, but that's it. it was more about being in shape and being a fit mom.

>> do you miss that side of life that you were famous for for so long?

>> not really. i have been partying forever, since college. i'm so over it. i'm so into my family now.

>> let's talk about your body image . you wrote this recently. i can't believe i will read it. but i still have the mommy pooch.

>> pouch.

>> i think it said pooch. i want my upper legs to be more toned. my boob,s are messed up. they look good in a bra. i look forward to getting work done after i'm done having children. do you have a healthy body image now?

>> i'm very healthy. i eat good, work out and i have big muscles. i'm doing good. doing it the healthy way. eventually i want my boobs back. when you have babies they just flop everywhere. i need to fix those.

>> once would have been okay saying it. best of luck with everything coming up and with lorenzo and marriage -- pending marriage and all that stuff.

>> definitely soon.

>> nicole , good to see you.

>> thanks.

>> nicole will chat with hoda and kathie lee later on.