TODAY   |  March 12, 2013

McCaskill tweets about ‘aggressive’ pat-down

The TODAY anchors chat about Missouri senator Claire McCaskill’s “uncomfortable” pat-down at the airport yesterday, which she tweeted about, calling it “aggressive.”

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>>> missouri senator clare m mchaskill is getting attention for tweeting about her experience with tsa screeners. she said, quote, today in my airport screening test on my hands was positive. got private, more aggressive pat down. omg -- or oh, my god. hashtag, very uncomfortable. we don't know what airport it was. but they use the detection claw. we have all had it happen. her test on her hands came back positive. she was taken to the next level.

>> myself having had the secondary pat down, i second h her emotion.

>> very uncomfortable?

>> it is uncomfortable. i don't think there is anything wrong with it. but it's comprehensive.

>> i try to get the secondary.

>> you ask for it every time.

>> she's not insinuating anything was done improperly but it is an uncomfortable feeling.