TODAY   |  March 11, 2013

10 kitchen products to help you cook like a chef

Lifestyle expert Sissy Biggers shows TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb a variety of kitchen products from the International Home and Housewares Show, including a cookie press, tea infusers and an egg separator.

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>>> home, an amazing kitchen products from the international home and housewares show.

>> if you want to make your life easier. you've come to the right spot. lifestyle expert sissy eggers has yolk separators and wine openers.

>> let's get to the wine openers and call it a day .

>> good to see you girls and going to show you new products, i walked the show last week with you girls in mind. from oxo, the good grips people. this is your cookie press. now you can make, now you can make -- now you can make a fool of yourself.

>> first of all, you load it with the dough, if it gets a little too room temperature. but you -- it's consistent and can you knock out a whole bunch.

>> all the different shapes. it's about $30. big trend at the show is the universal knife block. this is from faberware. it's got the rods in here that you can throw in the dishwasher when you're done if it gets dirty and it takes any size knife.

>> it's a knife holder.

>> but you know how -- slots --

>> you put them where you want.

>> much safer.

>> isn't that fun?

>> and this is the color trend.

>> couldn't you do it all day?

>> hoda could.

>> but faberware, a big color trend. look for that for your kitchen. this is from fred and friends, they used to be toy designers, now they're in the tea infuser business. it's a natural segue. it's the tea-tanic.

>> come on!

>> mr. tea, i'm going to load up mr. tea in his pants.

>> mr. tea is going to go right here and keep you company.

>> he's going to do something weird in your water.

>> they're just fun. you always have --

>> i try to avoid people like that my whole life.

>> it's the greatest garlic slicer ever. it slices -- look at that.

>> silicone.

>> look at that.

>> you can put the little plastic and you put it right in the garlic keeper.

>> slicer and keeper from chef.

>> they're genius.

>> the juicer, huge category, i picked this is the fagor slow juicer. watch this. i'm going to pop in the orange.

>> with the wheel on it?

>> peel on.

>> there's a lot of nutrients in that peel.

>> what's happening?

>> where is the juice?

>> it's too close to the geese this weekend.

>> the juice comes out on that side.

>> wait.

>> next up, it's the mighty egg yolk . look?

>> ready? hover, hover. plop.

>> who wouldn't want that.

>> so have at it. hover suck and plop.

>> you got to get good at it.

>> you're not going to get a job demoing at the houseware show.

>> hover, suck and plop.

>> isn't that cool?

>> perfect one.

>> move on.

>> next up, the big kahuna of spatulas, mr. barbeque, for the man who thinks he has everything, a bigger tool.

>> it's herb snips, perfect little snips.

>> three little prongs and on the back side you can use the shredder to get the leaves off of the stems.

>> smart.

>> $15, coming this spring. you said something about the magnetic scrubber, watch. this is fishtank technology. it's magnetic, finally, kathie lee , all of those decanters, from tiffany. scrubbing, brilliant. and then i had to get awe wine accessory , it's the tornado.

>> it better work.

>> i've broken more of these things. one, two, three, four -- five, six, seven, eight. and go -- and nine.

>> it doesn't matter. it's stylish and it works.

>> it's stylish and --

>> 11 --

>> instant tornado. isn't it pretty?

>> it's time to get cooking.

>> it came right out.