TODAY   |  March 11, 2013

Dress like glamorous stars for less than $100

TODAY contributor Jill Martin shows off how you can take your spring wardrobe to the next level by dressing like Olivia Wilde, Eva Longoria and Kerry Washington for only a fraction of the designer prices.

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>> we're back on this fun-day monday on today's style and how to dress like a celebrity.

>> "today" contributor and contributing editor for "people's style watch" and soon to be an author for a third time. jill martin is here to pull off the hot looks.

>> i want to you call me blake lively , because -- this outfit, as we show blake, michael kors , thousands of dollars, me? $84 from sears.

>> stop it!

>> yes yeah. $54 for the blazer, $30 for the pants.

>> almost like you have to give it away.

>> you can by a dishwasher and a suit.

>> let's take a look at some others. olivia wilde .

>> always trendy and bux. now she in this shot, just the belt, $395. just the belt. our total look, $167.90. how pretty is this? nicole looks great. $59.95 for the dress. great yellow and orange color blocking.

>> is that a big trend for spring?

>> $38. this shows thousands of dollars, just the belt, 395, our whole look, $167.90.

>> that looks great.

>> so eva longoria , she likes the black and white .

>> mod, '60s.

>> who is hotter than us -- nobody!

>> so eva, longoria in a designer dress, thousands of deadliners. this dress, $89.50. and can you throw on any blazer. $90, this one at and $24.90 for the pumps from forever 21 . the total, $212.40.

>> what kind of sleeves does the dress have?

>> sleeveless.

>> i love that!

>> it's beautiful!

>> she's beautiful.

>> young, too so young!

>> kerry washington , i love, love her look. j. mendle skirt, it works well on most bodies, $2400 just for the skirt. now we take a look at chloe. this is really right on.

>> it's an exact.

>> $79 for the top, armani exchange, and the skirt from jcpenney's, and the total, $149. as opposed to the skirt for $2400.

>> so many of the models, so many of the celebrities get the clothing either for free or it's a loan. they're constantly being loaned these things.

>> and would never buy anything like that because if you have to invest so much money, you could only wear it once. once you're photographed.

>> i'm the dumb schmuck who used to pay full price, no, no, don't give it to me. no now that i don't have the money, those days are over.

>> bring everybody out.

>> all the looks for less.

>> good job, thanks, jill.

>> for texcept for the shoe, love it.