TODAY   |  March 11, 2013

Duggars share big news, recall trip to Asia

The whole Duggar clan visits Studio 1A to talk about their family trip to Asia, calling it “a trip of a lifetime.” They also make an exciting announcement.

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>>> back with a "today" exclusive, the duggars are back. jim bob and michelle duggar decided to turn their family trip into an adventure leaving arkansas and heading to asia . the cameras caught all the drama for the tlc special "19 kids and counting." duggars do asia . here they are long with their brood of children and grandchildren. welcome back you all.

>> thank you.

>> thank you.

>> we had to buy new furniture, we have bean bag chairs for you. josh and anna, some big news, i want to get to that in a second. i've got to ask you all about this trip. whose idea was it to take 25, 26 people half way around the world?

>> well we love our children to experience different cultures. with he had media opportunities in japan and china and took our family over there, there was a trip of a lifetime.

>> can you tell me about planning, i have two kids going on vacation and i'm dreading the airport experience. what's it like with this whole crew?

>> it was like 14 hours on an airplane and it was long but everybody worked together and made it happen. justin and ginger did all the packing for the trip, they did a fabulous job and didn't forget anything.

>> 42 cases.

>> yes, that's about right.

>> took up the whole underside of the bus. it's like we had to have a bus for all of our suitcases.

>> you took up the whole plane.

>> you travel with your own equipment. michelle when you get to asia , do people recognize you first of all?

>> at first what was so amazing is that they would come up and touch the children's hair because we have blond haired children and it was unusual but there were people that we met over there that recognized our family and then of course people didn't really know who we were and that was great, too, because we just enjoyed making new friends wherever we're at so it was great.

>> a lot of people don't have more than one child in asia so we were kind of a little different.

>> a little? a little different. josh, you're sort of one of the de facto parents here as the oldest child. how was it for you to take this whole crew across asia from japan to china?

>> i can't take any credit for the organization although i'd like to because it was a well organized machine. my sisters do a great job. really i think it's an organized effort from all of us going together and wanting to make the trip a lot of fun and it definitely is. everyone is going to see that as they watch this and the logistics are really insane.

>> did you have a favorite food over there, guys? anybody try something new that they didn't imagine --

>> rice.

>> very exotic, josh.

>> the sushi academy and the fish market and we went and did all kinds of things, samurai fighting, the girls wearing kimonos, went to the great wall of china, kyoto, tokyo, beijing, it was amazing.

>> sounds like a beautiful trip and i'm told josh and anna, you have some news to share with us this morning.

>> we do.

>> we're expecting.

>> you're expecting. i never could have saw that coming.

>> surprise.

>> we're very excited, number three due on june 7th .

>> june the 7th. we're very excited.

>> this is your third child.

>> we have an m and m , mackenzie and michael.

>> you have two, on your way to three. are we on our way here to something like 19 perhaps?

>> it's really simple, we tell people we're really excited and how many are we going to have?

>> i'm from a small family of eight and i'm glad that my parents had each of the children that they had and children are a blessing and so.

>> congratulations, that's great news. got to be exciting for you, too.

>> i have two and have a 5 and 3 years old and i thought it was difficult but i'll never say that again. we always love when you come by and congratulations to the two of you.

>> thank you, so glad to be here.

>> 19 kids and counting, duggars do asia premieres tuesday 9:00