TODAY   |  March 11, 2013

March 11, 2013

TODAY’s Willard Scott sends birthday wishes to special TODAY viewers.

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>> let's head to the other coast of florida and say hello to uncle willie.

>> ahh, the sunshine on my bald head , it may make my hair grow. how pretty it is here in florida . come see us, southwest florida is just the best. i want to you meet a handsome man who everybody loves , rabbi sidney kleiman, is he from new york, new york, great sense of humor and he's been preaching god's message for many, many years, 100 years old today. now you want to meet somebody else nice, take a look at verna lee, and verna lee hatten is from columbia, south carolina . she is 100 years old today. all right, take a look at louis, a handsome feller, louis tucker from yeadon, pennsylvania, 100 years old today, god bless you, edna, isn't that a great nik, edna weidman from coconut creek in the great state of florida , she is 100 years old today and she is a yankees fan. and now if you will, please, direct your eyes to the right and take a look at catherine de destefano from glen ridge , new jersey, she loves taking her children and grandchildren and everybody's children in the neighborhood, a good-hearted women. carl shapiro another handsome fellow from beautiful downtown palm beach in the state of florida , 100 years old today and a little gym every night, all of the machinery he has, makes sure he sleeps well. now back to new york city , a little gin every night couldn't hurt.