TODAY   |  March 11, 2013

Dr. Oz’s 10-pound weight loss plan

If you’re carrying around an extra 10 pounds you’d like to lose, Dr. Mehmet Oz is here to help with a new 1450-calorie per day diet that could help you lose up to 10 pounds in a month. He meets with three women and offers his advice for dropping those final pounds.

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>> with be well, be healthy. the last ten pounds can be the hardest to shed. dr. mehmet oz says you can do it in one month. he cooked up a good diet with "good housekeeping" magazine. he's here with three women who want to lose pounds for different reasons. dr. oz, ten pounds in a month, you've got a plan that can address all of these concerns?

>> these are the three main conditions. if you can't find yourself with these problems you go through individual weight gain . i want to go through all of these.

>> let's take our positions, cora, you're talking about stress eating. what do you mean?

>> after hurricane sandy i started eating, there was too much going on and not enough time for diet and exercise and after that the holidays hit and my husband travels all the time, so i just eat after my kids and i don't think too much about it and suddenly ten pounds later.

>> you just told the story of weight gain in america, the number one cause is stress and the reason for that, for our body, we are hardwired to eat more, we deposit that fat in our belly. i have two important tips. understand toxic hunger . you don't truly feel real hunger , not felt in your belly but up in your neck and chest area.

>> stomach growling is not hunger ?

>> that's often withdrawal, eating things you're not supposed to eat but the best way is give yourself five minutes from the moment you feel that first hunger pang, wait five minutes and if it's still there, it's real hunger . if it goes away it was toxic hunger . during those five minutes do the hippie stretch.

>> i'll hold your stretch.

>> i thought you were going to do it with us.

>> okay.

>> you lean forward, don't have to touch your toes , lean forward as far as you can, bend your left knee, and reverse it, go back and forth.

>> once again the people in the window behind us really getting an image. sorry, folks.

>> it's a little separation between the first sensation of hunger and stretches you out. lot of the tension we feel is felt in our hip area so if you open up your hips and give yourself five minutes. you don't truly taste your food. let me show you animation. this is what happens when you chew your food up. as you chew and chew and chew, i don't see the image, there is your taste buds there, they are the blue structures and if they're turned on they'll taste the food. if you're not hungry they won't be turned on.

>> let's go on to lillian, two minutes left. tell us about your issue.

>> eight years ago i bought a salon, been busy to make the salon grow and as the salon was growing so was i, also hitting mid life , hitting 50, all of the sudden the weight goes on twice, and it starts accumulating in my belly.

>> one word for you structure. these are written out clearly and maybe on the "today" show website, for breakfast, always eat breakfast at home, you control that yourself and simple little fruit and cereal, a smoothie, lunch, my favorite are soups. people who eat soups rae s rather than solid food gain less weight and for dinner, shrimp, great source of protein but i also put white beans and make the pasta is al dente . don't overcook pasta, you don't absorb it as quickly, it's better for you.

>> that is a new one on me.

>> thank you so much.

>> thank you.

>> and keyshia.

>> keyshia tell us about your issue.

>> i have two kids, they're 11 months apart and i have a busy schedule, i own my own business, i'm a massage therapist and i eat mac and cheese, fufu, you probably don't know what that is, a west african food and chicken nuggets .

>> the baby weight gain in particular it's driven by hormones and when you have this growling in your stomach, you have to have snacks. the whole calorie count is 1,400, 1,500 calories. we have three meals that adds up to 1,200 calories. you have 250 calories for snacks. up here are 75s. some grapes, wonderful, cold and they tintilate your senses. have something sweet, it's not a big deal , wash it down with water and move on. popcorn, protein, which is why i like eggs and nuts and yogurt, if you have yogurt before a meal you will lose weight .

>> all of the information on our website. ladies you look great, good luck with the