TODAY   |  March 11, 2013

Duggars: It took four planes to get us here

The Duggar family takes over the TODAY greenroom to chat with Matt and Natalie about their recent trip to Asia, explaining how they keep their large family occupied and happy on long plane rides.

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>> we're in the green room and the duggars have taken over. it is filled to capacity which it always is and when they join us here in new york, it normally means we're buying a baby gift so i don't know, is that the case this time?

>> somebody's got an announcement.

>> i think there is an announcement to make.

>> don't say anything more because willie's going to ask that question. i understand jim bob you traveled to asia. how did everybody travel there? how do you get a big group like this there?

>> we took up the whole plane but we had a great time.

>> where did you go?

>> japan and china.

>> fantastic. did you guys have a great time?

>> yes.

>> what was your favorite thing? do you remember? what was your favorite thing?

>> getting to dress up.

>> clothes. did you have a great time? what did you do?

>> samurai fighting.

>> that's a cool trip.

>> when they fly here, forget asia but when you come here to the city, how do we keep everybody occupied on the plane on the long flight?

>> creativity.

>> we flew overnight so a lot of them slept.

>> that's not bad. what about here today?

>> it took four planes to get us here.

>> really?

>> four planes, yes, there was some others that had filled up the plane so we had to take four.

>> we're happy you're here safe and sound and announcement from the duggar family .

>> your hair looks so pretty.

>> first we look at the messages, your local news and the weather.