TODAY   |  March 11, 2013

Tough job market inspires creative resumes

With the unemployment rate hovering at around 7.7 percent, the stiff competition is encouraging creativity in applicants wanting to stand out. Job applicant Dawn Siff talks about her unique way of promoting herself, and she and Thrillist CEO Adam Rich advise TODAY viewers on how to get noticed.

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>> do you stand out, dawn sipp used the new smartphone app vine to create a six-second video. take a look.

>> journalist, strategist, manager, deadline jedi and machine.

>> all in six seconds, dawn is with us along with adam rich , co-founder of thrill list. had you tried the resume, the cover letter before you went to the vine app?

>> i was trying traditional methods but i was also using social media to research the people i was having interviews with, to connect with the people i might have interviews with and find companies. this was another way to get my story across.

>> adam, you run a growing company.

>> yes.

>> if you had gotten a six-second video from dawn would it have stood out or said if she can tell me everything about her in six seconds i'm done.

>> we opened up a few entry level positions and i got 500 applications in about two days.

>> of the ones that are typical resumes with typical cover letters, are they done in.

>> i wouldn't say they're done but as the person having to do the hiring i have to do more heavy lifting to differentiate one from the next.

>> i want both of your opinions. we sent out, with he tweet and we put the hash tag on there, resume strategy, asking viewers to give us their creative ways to find jobs. let me give you a couple. danielle tweeted at clickable, linkedin and e-mail icons to your digital resume.

>> definitely.

>> you would do that?

>> i think so and by using the sort of tools of the trade in your application you demonstrate a familiarity with the world you're working in.

>> in your face approach, robert tweeted called and told them to pull my resume because i already had a better offer, no offer at all. "talked me" me in to coming in.

>> #backfire. i think so.

>> thanks very much and move it to the side.

>> he's giving them an excuse to pull him out of the pile.

>> this one, susie b., i'm adding a powerpoint presentation to my attachments which outlines my 60-day plan of what i will do if hired.

>> avoid attachments because it's one more thing, it's a hurdle for whoever is opening that e-mail to open it up. if it's in the body you don't have to take more action.

>> maybe too much information if the 60-day plan is not in keeping with what the ceo has in mind.

>> also a risk.

>> tell me if this goes up to or crosses the line.

>> i sprayed the paper with some perfume. okay, back in high school applying for a job to the the gap.

>> that sounds awful to me. i wouldn't hire the person.

>> depends if you like the perfume.

>> yeah.

>> you'd be smelling it working with them.

>> you might not know where it came from. there are ways people are trying to get noticed like the old thing 10, 15 years ago you send them a pizza and your resume is on it. there are ways to get noticed. there's no silver bullet , and so it 's wonderful to get yourself noticed and to say like i can tell myself and i can tell my story in six seconds.

>> interesting you brought the pizza thing back.