TODAY   |  March 11, 2013

Study: Women wake up grumpier than men

The TODAY anchors chat about a new Duke University sleep study that found women are grumpier than men in the mornings, especially when they don’t get enough sleep.

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>> here. we're about to dive into a subject and i could use your testostero testosterone.

>> an interesting survey from duke university talking about the impact of not getting enough sleep. according to the research women wake up grumpier than men.

>> all of the researcher were men of course.

>> that's news?

>> they had to do a constitute study.

>> do you think that's true? you guys are married.

>> i think women are most dramatically affected by lack of sleep.

>> we disagree.

>> we don't get as much sleep and that's a challenge but i think we hand tell beautifully.

>> we always come in with a smile on our face. we were telling what a joy you are to work with.

>> are you in a parallel universe ? savannah and natalie we see --

>> it's a survey we do on a daily basis.

>> present company excluded, dr. oz