TODAY   |  March 10, 2013

Savannah goes one-on-one with Valerie Harper

In an interview to air Monday, TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie sat down with Valerie Harper, the sitcom star who has been diagnosed with an incurable cancer. Harper told Guthrie about the moments in life that are now that much sweeter.

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>> actress valerie harper is speaking out about her battle with incurable breast cancer . she is fighting a nasty case of laryngitis also. she opened up to savannah guthrie in her l.a. home.

>> it is incurable. it is very rare.

>> are you hopeful?

>> more than hopeful. i have an intention to live each moment fully. like right now, all there is is savannah and val.

>> when do you think the reality of it hit you?

>> when i heard incurable. a lot of folks were calling, can i come by the house? are you in a wheelchair? they hear it as if, which it may be but i'm not dying until i do.

>> what these people love about you is that you are so joyous.

>> are there moments that you feel sad?

>> oh, my god, yes. i don't mean this to be pollyanna. i allow myself to grieve.

>> what other things are feeling and tasting sweeter?

>> my husband. he is a gorgeous guy. i always knew that was part of him. he is wonderful.

>> you can see more of savannah's exclusive interview with valerie harper tomorrow on "today."