TODAY   |  March 10, 2013

Jenna offers advice on improving muscle tone

“I don’t go anywhere without a resistance band,” said TODAY’s Jenna Wolfe, who is also a fitness trainer. She answers viewer questions on weight loss, dieting and toning.

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>>> time to ask jenna everything you want to know about exercise. we only have four minutes. jenna, if you don't know, is a certified personal trainer, which is why we throw all of these things at you.

>> i'm ready.

>> we are going to start off with jessica who is on the phone. we have jessica on the phone from virginia. we do not have jessica . she sent in this question. how can i try to thin my thut?

>> the area between the thigh and the butt. she is trying to lose her baby weight .

>> first thing i will say, there is no such thing as spot dieting. you are not going to lose weight in a specific area. you can try to tone or add some muscle to that area. here are two exercises that will help that area. lay down on your back, put one foot up in the air and squeed the other glute up. hold it, come down. squeeze and you do enough and you will really feel it.

>> how much is enough?

>> i would say, if you cannot out 20 and hold each one up for 3-5 second, you will feel it.

>> next exercise, lion your stomach, take your left leg and put your right food over the knee and try to lift this knee off the ground by squeezing this glute.

>> that's harder than it looks.

>> it is a lot harder than it looks. you want to tone. you are not going to lose specific weight in a specific area.

>> the next question is, viewer e-mail from sally in louisiana kentucky. she is a 61-year-old female and loves working out including zumba three days a week. i need to focus on improving muscle tone . what do you recommend for me to increase muscle tone in my arms?

>> i get this question a ton. what can i do to help my arms. you don't have to run to a gym and crab 1,000 weights. generally, it is the area underneath here. stand straight up in the air. take your arms and bring them up as high as you can and give me a bunch of pulses. if you cannot out 100 pulses, maybe 100 claps and 100 pulses, this is my best friend in the world. i don't go anywhere without a resistance band . take one of these and put one foot on it and do as many as you can in 60 seconds . maybe try to knock out 100 reps. nice little resistance and work-out for your arms. i like it.

>>> really quickly. this question comes from renee from iowa. she works out early before eating and drinking. halfway stlu, they is exhausted. how can she have more energy?

>> try to get some fuel in your system. nobody likes to eat a big meal. if you can, maybe some fruit that is water based, oranges and grapes or get peanut butter and yogurt, any kind of fuel will help you out?

>> something lighter like a banana, fruit or apple.

>> you don't need that much.