TODAY   |  March 10, 2013

What makes up a pope’s holy wardrobe?

As the cardinals gather to make their selection, skilled artisans are hidden away in the side streets of Rome. They’re hard at work in anticipation of the new pope and his wardrobe needs. NBC’s Kier Simmons reports.

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>>> welcome back to the vatican as the cardinals here prepare to go into sec collusion lusion to elect the next pope.

>> when the next pope is unveiled to the world, be sure to notice the vestmentes, the shoes, the jewelry. as the cardinals gather to make their selection, behind the scenes , skilled artisans hidden away are already hard at work.

>> i'm from the sixth generation that has worked here.

>> reporter: a tailor whose family has been making the vestmentes for hundreds of years is making the clothes the pope will wear. they have already stitched together three in three different sizes.

>> do you read anything into the different sizes as to who you think might be the next pope.

>> you can try but if you are succeeded, reading something, you are much better than we are.

>> reporter: across the river from the vatican is the jeweler that crafted pope benedict 's papal ring . he was asked to create the design in ten days, a ring seen by millions.

>> this is my sistine chapel .

>>> then, there were the pope as red shoes . adriano shafeni. he says, when the announcement comes, he will work day and night.

>> i try to make them according to the old traditions, he sees.

>> traditions reflected not just in the ancient rituals of the conclave or in the pomp and ceremony of the pope's first appearance but in all his finery. keir simmons , nbc