TODAY   |  March 10, 2013

Negotiations over sequestration continues

“They want to try to operate and negotiate in a cooler atmosphere,” said David Gregory of “Meet the Press,” noting that President Barack Obama is reaching out across the aisle to work towards reconciling issues surrounding the recent budget cuts. David Gregory is interviewed by TODAY’s Erica Hill.

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>>> the clock may have changed overnight. in washington, it is status quo. president obama and congress still locked over the budget. last night's gridiron dinner , the club with journalists, plenty of joking but no cameras allowed. it makes it safer to poke fun at politicians and journalists alike. the president opened his remarks with a little disclaimer and a nod to everyone's favorite topic. he said, quote, my joke writers have been placed on furlough. a lot of you reported, no one will feel any immediate impact because of the sequester. you're about to find out how wrong you are.

>>> david gregory is moderator of "meet the press." he was at that dinner last night.

>> i stayed up way too late.

>> you are still here this morning. we appreciate it. there was obviously the is he squ sequester, the butt of many jokes. a little bit of hope shall the president taking some republican lawmakers to dinnerer. saying he is going to meet with both parties this coming week. is there real potential for negotiation.

>> i think there is. we have to be careful as much as we spend time as commentators an journalists, looking at the dysfunction of washington, we have to acknowledge a real change in the president's tactic, which by his own admission is something he should have done sooner. the view in the white house is that they can't keep dealing with republican leadership, particularly like mitch mcconnell , up for re-election next year. you have senator mccain speaking with, meeting with individual senators, with members of the house as well and try to build some coalitions where he can find them, particularly around the budget deal. they want to try to operate and negotiate in a cooler atmosphere. there is a run up to what the president hopes is a deal. two big issues to look at. is there any ratio of spending doubts tax increases that republicans will agree to. that's dependant on how big an entitlement reform that the president and his party is willing to commit to.

>> yes. it is years away. it is a perfect time to start talking about 2016 . there was a little bit of speculation fueling this week when it comes to some potential republican candidates, rand paul and former florida governor , jeb bush

>>> rand paul did himself a lot of good. he was struck by the courage of his convictions making an impassioned plea for civil liberties . there were critics of some sof the substantive issues he brought up. a lot of people felt this was a pretty good use of the filibuster. he got the spotlight. he highlighted this particular issue. he at least is doing what a lot of others in congress are unwilling to do, which is to debate the authority that the congress gave president after the 9/11 attack. he is building some grassroots support. jeb bush , the former governor talking about immigration.e he contradicted himself on immigration. a little bit of a false start but not something that he can't overcome as we move farther along in the process.