TODAY   |  March 09, 2013

Officers walk lost beaver back to his river

Oregon police helped a beaver find his way home, walking him safely back to his creek after he became lost and disoriented. TODAY’s Jenna Wolfe reports.

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>>> finally, the number-one sign that it's a slow night on the police beat in oregon city . beaver on the loose, all hands on deck. several officers had to escort a beaver -- yeah, a beaver -- to safety. apparently the animal had gotten into traffic, couldn't find its way home. how does the beaver not have an iphone? the officers caught. it together they walked it back to the river to the tune of --

>> whistling on command --

>> i pathetically practiced that all morning to nail the " andy griffith " tune. i never realized how slow they move. they are some slow beavers. really slow walking.

>> i guess it took up the whole night.

>> yeah. gave them something to do.

>> a little bit. sure.

>> that's what you do when a beaver gets lost and