TODAY   |  March 08, 2013

Upgrade your man’s look with stylish jackets, jeans

Whether your guy is playing soccer dad or watching football with friends, Matt Marden of Details magazine proves your man can be casual without looking sloppy, showing off higher-end versions of comfortable weekend wear like sweatshirts, jeans, and fleece jackets.

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>>> this morning on "today's" style, a makeover for your man's casual look . fashion director matthew martin is here to help us out. good to see you.

>> good to see you, too, willie.

>> i think guys obviously know what to do -- they know how to do this at the office. in casual world a lot of times they get a little -- they make mistakes. we have good tips, menswear classics. they're great. they're always in style and always are available in the store. you can't go wrong.

>> for a lot of guys you have almost the security blanket , sweatshirt, zip up or pair of jeans you've always worn. it's harder to put something together like this.

>> we've got really good solutions here.

>> let's take a look. let's start with the before picture of our first model, max.

>> max is in, you know, a fleece jacket, ill-fitting chinos. he's got like a dress shirt on under there. it just -- you know, it's fine. it's just you can do better. what we've done instead is --

>> the big reveal. max graduating from those chinos and zip-up to -- the reveal is very dramatic. there it is.

>> here we have this great jacket by a line available at j. crew . utility jacket. it's based on old american workwear. it's functional and it's super comfortable, really lightweight but also it gives them more structure than the jacket he had on before. and it's something you can wear. nice thing about this, you can wear this from april through october. you can wear it with layers if you have it here in the summer, over a t-shirt with a pair of shorts and there's a beautiful versatile jacket to have around.

>> i like that look. looking good, max. thank you very much. let's go to the before of our next model. this is roderick . what are we seeing here?

>> ill-fitting golf polo with a pair of sort of dated jeans.

>> very common.

>> yes. this is a very -- i feel like this is a big lee martin look. my dad love this is kind of look.

>> no disrespect to lee martin .

>> he has great style but we think he can do a little bit better. so here we have roderick in this great washed cotton dress shirt . it's super casual because this is really lightweight, kind of wrinkly. you don't have to worry about keeping it really pressed. we love the plaid. plaid's really cool. we have it dressed up with a tie from thalia. you can get those at macy's for like 50 bucks. it's a nice way to mix it up. it's more fitted, adds more color and it looks great. we also have it with -- one of the things we have -- take away the jeans from before and have these great levi's 511. they are not skinny jeans . these are a slim jean, which is a little more fitted. in the black, this is cleaner than the other jean.

>> roderick , looking good. this is trey. man, do we see this a lot walking around on the weekends.

>> this is a definite default. men love to put on the sweats and the track pants. what we've done -- you know, that's fine for the gym. but it's better to, you know, do something a little bit different. here we have --

>> stepping it up now, trey. look at his game.

>> still in a sweatshirt, which i love, classic crew neck. it's like 30 bucks. paired with just a t-shirt and pair of chinos. if you're going to be sporty on the top, you should try to keep your trousers more tailored. you could wear this with jeans obviously. we like it, from ban ana republic, they're slim. they fit him. there's not all that billowing extra fabric.

>> you can have a ceremony, throw away your track pants.

>> a whole moment with that.

>> your stylist will be very happy.

>> exactly.

>> thank you very much. looking