TODAY   |  March 08, 2013

Homes across the US on sale for under $250,000

TODAY real estate contributor Barbara Corcoran gives a tour of houses on the market for under $250,000, including an adobe home in Santa Fe and a 19th century farmhouse in New York.

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>> -- santa fe , new mexico. cheap area.

>> choep area. this is an adobe home tucked into the countryside. it gives you such a warm welcome. inside the interior has traditional ceilings and tile floors and hand painted accents. there's also an office tucked into the left side of the living room , you see right here. very clever use of space on the left-hand side. and the main living space is plenty big. the master bedroom has exposed beam ceilings and tile floors and out back is a covered porch with a boca via. i might have mispronounced that. is that right? good. taxes are only $1,000 a month.

>> $215,000.

>> i'm sorry, $1,200 a year.

>> and the house is $215,000.

>> this is 45 minutes outside of atlanta. hard to believe you can get a house for $169,9.

>> a beautiful house here. in perfect condition, in one of the fastest-growing counties in the entire nation. big wrap-around porch which people always love. floor to ceiling fireplaces inside. the dining room has blond wood floors. the curtains are kind of a bit much. they suck the life out of the room. but to make up for it outside there is a pool. costing you $169,000. unbelievable. i'm leaving new york . screened-in porch out back is stunning. they ought to move that barbecue back to the backyard.

>> give it a little more room.

>> beautiful.

>> to outside of chicago. what a deal. oswego, illinois, just under $250,000.

>> classic home, 2,000 square feet , big. mint condition . there's an impressive -- if you like pea green entryway, wait until you see this color. unusual. picture it any color you want. it would work. big windows and wood-burning fireplace. here the red walls are stunning really. kitchen has blond wood cabinets, splashy tile. there's also a sultry burgundy colored walls. the happiest finished basement i've ever seen, bright walls, area staircase. not your traditional staircase.

>> doesn't look like a basement.

>> doesn't even look like it.

>> this is about two hours from new york . nice country town in new york , 19th century farmhouse for $225,000.

>> think about getting all this space compared to new york city for $229,000. it's full of 19th century traits. landscaped lot is nearly two acres big, includes a pretty stone patio with pergola. the living room looks like, to be honest, a doctor's waiting room . it could be fixed up. nice space. and the master bedroom needs just a change of the bedspread, i think, to white or something, whatever, to open up the space. it's a lovely home with plenty of living space .

>> barbara corcoran, nice home. thank