TODAY   |  March 08, 2013

The latest in entertainment news, gossip, and fashion

Three experts in the worlds of entertainment, celebrity gossip, and fashion share everything you need to know for this weekend, from the opening of the stage version of “Matilda” to Justin Bieber’s hospital visit and the new Lucite accessory trend.

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>>> new, what's up, what's in? our roundup of what's hot in entertainment, fashion and more. we have three people who are in the know and ready to go.

>> all right. let's get started with what's new in movies and music. the editorial director at billboard magazine . good morning. good to see you.

>> you, too.

>> "oz the great and powerful" opens today. do you think audiences will like it?

>> i think so. who hasn't seen "wizard of oz" as a little kid? this is the story before that story. i'm excited to see it. director of "spiderman," producer of " alice in wonderland ."

>> supposed to be darker than the original?

>> little bit darker. but if we're all being honest, how old were you when you first saw the original?

>> i have no idea.

>> i was 5 or 6.

>> i feel like i was born having seen the original.

>> if we're all being honest, flying, angry monkeys are terrifying and they will always be terrifying. i think it will be good.

>> and green-faced witches. come on.

>> that's right.

>> upcoming comedy "the incredibinkred i incredible burt wonderstone." they had me at hello.

>> exact kind of role that requires jim carrey 's brand of over-acting and then steve carrell .

>> "matilda." when we were at the liolympics in london a lot of people went to see it and loved it. do you think it will resonate with american audiences?

>> i do. the role as the crampingy head mistress is coming over with it. much like oz. this isn't like a squeaky happy thing. it's a little darker, but the reviews and early buzz is all ton tonys.

>> justin timberlake will be on " snl " this weekend. people are already lined up in the snow waiting for him. he was great the last time he was on " snl ." what do you expect this time?

>> he's great every time on " snl ." i think he missed his calling when he became a singer. he has great comedic timing. number eight on the charts right now. i'm waiting to see if jay-z will make an appearance. a lot of us are.

>> do you think he might come on the show?

>> he might. if he does, i hope he sticks around for a comedic turn, because that would be awesome as well.

>> bill werde, thank you very much.

>> thank you.

>>> alicia quarles is joining me.

>> good morning. happy birthday .

>> thank you very much. joy behar is coming off "the view." she's one of the last originals.

>> to term barbara walters , she has been with the show 16 1/2 years. she has her show on current tv and so many careers. teacher, stand-up comedian and now she has a couple of shows. she'll be busy no matter what.

>> another lady in showbiz, kelly osbourne rushed to the hospital on her set. what happened?

>> rushed to the hospital after she fainted. they're still figuring out what exactly happened.

>> we noted in the broadcast justin bieber had his own little health scare and ended up in the hospital in that provocative pose.

>> he tweeted himself without a shirt on, which he has been doing a lot of lately. passed out at the o2 arena where he was performing. there is that picture. they said he will perform tonight in london. the show must go on.

>> alec baldwin and his wife are having a baby. now we know it's a girl.

>> yes.

>> are we going to see a softer alec?

>> we are going to see a softer alec. are you preparing for baby? he said absolutely. newlyweds, hilaria just announced they're having a girl. " 30 rock " is over. he's going to focus on family. of course, he has a daughter, ireland, with kim bassinger .

>> tina fey is finding a whole new life, isn't she?

>> production deal with universal. she'll be behind the scenes . the movie "admission" coming out. taylor swift went all in this week. she said don't be mad at me. tina is focusing on her production deal, movie and two daughters.

>> truly one of the hardest working people in show business .

>> absolutely.

>> jennifer lawrence , in this great new photo spread with the rest of the cast from the next "hunger games."

>> exactly. looking terrific. doesn't look just like the oscar dress? she looks phenomenal. the movie comes out in november. we're excited about this. it's just her as katniss everdeen. in likeness to that oscar dress, that cannot be a coincidence. that's just good marketing.

>> alicia, thank you. have a good weekend.

>> you as well.

>> natalie?

>> lester, thanks.

>>> style correspondent at daily

>> good to be here.

>> lucite is all the rage for spring, starting with the jewelry first here.

>> we've seen it all over the runways. you're right, it's all over the stores. you can pick it up as little as $8 at h & m . jcpenney has some great options. it doesn't necessarily have to be clear. these are from c wonder. you have to have the sheer, right?

>> heels are fantastic, the lucite.

>> you love these, right?

>> i do.

>> chunky square heel, look for those this spring. great way to get in on them.

>> water paint is also a trend we're seeing as well. different than florals.

>> very different than florals. look at it literally as if someone brushed on waterpaint on to the fashion. you can get great options from urban out fitters, h & m as little as $10. adorable sneakers from vans.

>> and you're wearing that jacket, too.

>> yes.

>> all right. let's talk pastels and actually the '80s are --

>> '80s are back.

>> raging right now.

>> you're wearing blue. blue shadows are big.

>> i don't think i could do that blue.

>> you could do it. line your lips. this is a great option from urban decay . you can line them or smudge it on for a shadowy effect. don't go overboard. just one at a time.

>> i never thought i would see crimped hair back.

>> i know you crimped back in the day, natalie.

>> i actually never did, but --

>> i love to crimp. the crimp look is in. this is from conair. attack a little piece or do your whole head. even more adventurous. colored hair strips, you can clip them in, brush them on all over or brush on the ends for a little ombre effect. this is in all different colors to really get in on that trend.

>>> next, super foods , ancient grains, the things that are in as well in the kitchen.

>> they are in. you know what? they used to be -- you've seen them a little bit here and there. they are now really everywhere. it's a really great nutrient, rich in proteins and easy to incorporate in your great recipes.

>> rebecca george, thank you very much.