TODAY   |  March 08, 2013

Emma Stone: Animation is like ‘acting in a vacuum’

Actors Emma Stone and Ryan Reynolds chat about their new 3D animated movie “The Croods,” featuring a Stone Age family exploring a new world, saying they were “surprised” at how much fun making an animated film was.

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>>> back now at 8:20 with two big stars, emma stone and ryan reynolds , lending their voices to the new 3-d movie "the croods."

>> stone plays eve, who defies her overprotective dad by sneaking out of their cave and that's when she runs into guy, who warns her the world is about to end.

>> i'm guy.

>> guy?

>> and this is belt. cook, conversationalist, navigator. also keeps my pants up.

>> what are pants up?

>> who are you?

>> eep.

>> let me clarify. eep, the world is ending.

>> what?

>> i'm calling it the end.

>> da, da, da!

>> we've got to get to high ground . come with me.

>> um, i can't.

>> emma stone and ryan reynolds are here. good morning to both of you.

>> good morning.

>> have you ever had cutouts before?

>> yeah. these are our wallet-sized ones that we carry with us.

>> yeah.

>> literally dozens.

>> how was it doing an animated film for the first time? was it fun, emma ?

>> it was really, really fun. i didn't quite realize how much fun it was going to be.

>> did you record your voices in isolation or are you together?

>> we did once we were together but typically you're alone. emma is off in paraguay. you can't really be together. you are hearing what everyone else laid down three days or four days before.

>> this takes place in the stone age . ryan , you feel like you have a lot of caveman qualities to just bring to the world?

>> yeah. i always think the world is ending. i have that in common with my character. he puts a nice, positive spin on anilism, though, and the belt gives it the appropriate score as well. i can't say i'm a rough and tumble guy like that. the last time i went camping was probably tenth grade, but, yeah, i feel like i sort of live vicariously through guy.

>> you play this teenage daughter, emma , in a backwards family, first family so, of course, it's backwards. your father doesn't really see beyond this cave, right?

>> he does not see beyond the cave. he's pretty used to living in one place and living in the dark. so they're becoming nomads, which we can all relate to.

>> along come this is guy, who shows you a whole new world of pants and things like that.

>> yes.

>> exactly.

>> pants, fire, shoes.

>> like with my first date.

>> i have to ask you, ryan , did you have any input into what your character would look like? we show him here, guy, it seems like he's wearing a prehistoric scrunchy.

>> oh, yeah.

>> is that right?

>> i watched a lot of jane fonda workout videos before we, you kn know, shot this.

>> that animal you have around you called belt it's like a fanny pack .

>> it is. it's kind of like the prehistoric, actually, fanny pack . the very first one ever invented. this is before drug dealers wore them. yeah, that's what that is.

>> or dads at disney world .

>> or dads at disney world , yeah. fine line with the fanny pack .

>> at some point you discover shoes for the first time.

>> yeah.

>> how did that go?

>> well, eep was very excited to discover shoes. i think it's kind of -- you know, women and shoes.

>> universal.

>> yeah. there's a lot of screaming involved.

>> i think i read, emma , you were so expressive in the audio booth as you read your part that they actually incorporated some of your expressions into the final character. and when you look at her, do you kind of see that?

>> sometimes, i sort of see it. i don't really look at myself in the mirror when i'm talking. there's a monitor behind me right now. i can see my face in it. it makes me want to die. i don't really know what i look like when i talk but -- thanks for reminding me.

>> doing animated film seems like it's a rite of passage for actors now. is that a little scary doing that, relying solely on your voice? there was no one to model.

>> what other kind of showbiz job do you get to roll out of bed in a mummuu?

>> if you're jim carrey .

>> well, that's true. i love the process of it. i love that we could do it anywhere. i love that you take a long time with the story and it's just singing on every level. it was amazing.

>> were you surprised when you saw the final product? did you find it more heartwarming than you thought it would be?

>> well, it's just because you are like ryan was saying, you're recording separately for 2 1/2 years and finally the whole thing comes together. so it's completely surprising just to hear your voice layered with other voices after all of that. you've kind of been acting in a vacuum for 2 1/2 years.

>> and you expect to see something amazing, but whatever they did with this -- with the film is mind boggling.

>> emma stone and ryan reynold, thank you very much. the scrunchy works for you, ryan . keep it. "the croods" opens march 22nd .