TODAY   |  March 08, 2013

Fans sleep in snow to see Justin Timberlake on ‘SNL’

TODAY’s Willie Geist chats with some dedicated Justin Timberlake fans  who drove 13.5 hours from New Brunswick, Canada to sleep on the street for a chance to see the music superstar host “Saturday Night Live.”

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>>> intrepid fans of justin timberlake , who are in danger of being shoveled if they're not careful.

>> reporter: we were out here a couple of weeks ago when justin bieber was hosting "snl" ahead of that big snow storm . i have to say this is longer. he is also the musical guest. under these tarps and sleeping bags , people sleeping in this wintry mix, to put it kindly, including kayla and mike, who traveled from new brunswick, canada. come over here, you guys. you deserve to be recognized.

>> thank you.

>> you left new brunswick tuesday night. do i have that right? and drove 13 1/2 hours?

>> yeah. we did go to hockey tuesday and right after that at 5:00 in the morning, we set up shop and here we are.

>> 13 1/2 hour drive. do you love timberlake that much, mike?

>> he's all right.

>> he's all right? you're sleeping in the snow and drove 13 hours, he's all right? you need to show more enthusiasm.

>> more for something is -- for "snl."

>> what do you like about justin timberlake ?

>> i have liked the guy since i was 13. the chance came up and so here we are.

>> this is going to be your third night here. how are you eating? how are are the sleeping shifts?

>> it's rough to find food here and there, use the restroom when we can.

>> will you sleeping, kayla?

>> not really. we're soaked all the way through. we're kind of shivering ourselves to sleep.

>> justin timberlake , if you're watching, you have huge fans out here waiting. this is the standby line. there's no guarantee that any of these people will get n they're sleeping out here in the cold, wet snow in the hopes they'll get inside the studio to catch a glimpse of justin timberlake .

>> huge fans and the one guy says, he's all right.