TODAY   |  March 08, 2013

Twitter proposal gets a ‘yes’ in 140 characters

Brett Wanamaker, the boyfriend of Virginia Senator Mark Warner’s press secretary, Beth Adelson, took over Warner’s Twitter account yesterday to ask Adelson to marry him. After some initial confusion, she said yes.

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>>> back now with a story that will put a smile on your face. press secretary for virginia senator mark warner and part of her job is to monitor his twitter feed.

>> she noticed a tweet to her boss from her boyfriend of five years, brett wannamaker who said, senator, your press secretary pays more attention to this feed than her own. can i borrow this space for a moment? the senator responded, certainly. best of luck. that's when brett asked beth to marry him. beth responded, what is going on?

>> what is going on?

>> apparently she goes to her office door and there's brett on his knee with the ring and flowers.

>> ni'm glad he did it the traditional way.

>> from twitter to on his knees.

>> imagine if their vows are 140 characterors less.

>> that's an idea.

>> it's pretty cute. keep it brief, right?

>> imagine what she must be thinking at the moment.

>> she is thinking, what is going on. i like that she says, what is going on and then walks to the office door i would like to know how that all went.

>> somebody knocked.

>> exactly.

>> good luck to the two