TODAY   |  March 07, 2013

Baby and bulldog are best friends, share dinner

TODAY’s Sara Haines share video of a toddler named Ayden and his best friend, Beans the bulldog, who share everything – including food.

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>> this week we have an adorable baby with a bulldog who are extremely close.

>> yes, that's right. baby aidan and beans the bulldog are best friends that share everything. even food. check it out.

>> oh.

>> hmm.

>> okay. so this is the first time this has ever happened. the dad and mom were opposite hours, so he filmed this.

>> ew, ew.

>> oh, stop it. no french kissing , or eating.

>> he goes things got a little too romantic over breakfast. over 70,000 hits.

>> look. he figured out that they could --

>> no, no, no. that's disgusting.

>> oh.

>> they're sharing everything.

>> beans and aidan are besties.

>> that is so cute.

>> you can't help but remember where that dog had his lips five minutes before. that's the problem.

>> my first reaction is that's disgust, but the dad said that was the first time it happened, and we were hoping to show mom she wasn't missing breakfast, and that's what she got.