TODAY   |  March 07, 2013

Reinvent your wardrobe staples for spring

If you’re looking to spruce up your look for spring, you can start by looking in your closet. Lori Bergamotto of Lucky magazine explains how you can reinvent staples like white button-downs and little black dresses for warmer weather.

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>>> ms. morning on "today's" style. spring just a couple weeks away. time to go through your closet. here know you how to reinvent your basics into 20 setting new looks. we all have these staples in our closets and will show you how to jazz it up and dress it down. let's start with our model on the button-down shirt.

>> as you mentioned, every woman, if you don't already, should have a white button-down shirt. and think of them as starchy and fussy. you can have a lot of fun and reinvent them. we got this for megan under $100. if you don't have them, it's a great investment and we really jazzed it up with these fun summer pants, super springy.

>> under 21 bucks.

>> we're all about not being too matchy matchy and like to mix not match. and we gave her the orange shoes in the same color wheel and she can go out there and be funky in a white shirt she may have otherwise taken to work.

>> she looks great. thanks so much.

>>> next, the little black dress we will show you here. tell us about this. obviously the jacket adds a lot of color there.

>> a little black dress , a lot of women think i will wear this out to cocktails. that's great. you need that in eurotation. we want to give you the piece that breathes new life in it and allow you to take it somewhere more polished. the dress is from loft and blazer from h & m , $31.94. you want something more tailored and shape with a crop. it makes joan, already beautiful, look even more sophisticated. we gave her this great perforated white bag, all about a kitten heel right now from nine west and makes it fresh and modern.

>> very comfortable. joan, thank you. you look great. next is the white t-shirt you can do so much. everybody should have a couple of white t-shirts in their wardrobe. come out, alice.

>> this is alice, one of our lucky staffers. this is from the g.a.p., a v-neck and we put it on her backwards because it gives it a sexier neckline. what we did to jazz it up was give her this skirt, $99, fun black and white .

>> that's a must have for the closet, right?

>> it is. a red bag like that really brightens everything up. a great pair of funky shoes keeps it edgy and the white t-shirt is no longer a casual jeans look, interyou can go out to brunch, a meeting.

>> quickly, last but not least, the pencil skirt . carey, come out.

>> i love this look. a pencil skirt , a lot of women do have. we want to give it that downtown edgy feel and added this sham bray shirt, a must have, from american eagle under $45. if you don't have one, this is $25 at jc penney , love the metallic heels.

>> thanks, ladies, come back out really quickly once again. still