TODAY   |  March 07, 2013

New apps erase all traces of your ex

The TODAY anchors, along with Michelle Beadle of “Access Hollywood,” chat about the hot topics of the day, including  new apps and websites designed to stop you from torturing yourself by constantly keeping up with your ex on social media.

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>> with natalie morales and al roker and host of "the crossover."

>> nice plug. we might get like four more viewers now. kind of a big deal . amazing, we had a wrestler on yesterday. i love that stuff.

>> you're in mourning today?

>> i am in mourning today. we had the miss on yesterday.

>> nobody beats the miss.

>> unless they script it that way.

>> if you watch monday night raw, michelle beat entire tweets.

>> 'm not paid to do it but one of those that tweets.

>> sad day in wrestling, paul berry .

>> a lot of people knew him as the undertaker and actually had a funeral home in real life , like a method actor.

>> what happened?

>> he was 58. he had a blood clot about three days before this. he always struggled with weight and all that stuff. it was very sad.

>> i thought there was a joke here.

>> i cameton make you guys depressed.

>> there was nothing scarier to me as a young man to see paul walking in front of "the undertaker."

>> sounds like you're a wrestler fan.

>> i was at wrestlemania once. not to --

>> not to brag.

>> at the gardens. is that bragging?

>> i wouldn't bring that up that much.

>> i don't think that is actually.

>> i don't know i'd call that bragging. like me saying i was at the first comican. hi, i'm king of the nerds.

>> they're coming back, though.

>> michelle is impressed. let's get to take three. take one, all work and no play. front page piece in " usa today " this morning 62% of full time workers own smartphones. 7 in 10 u.s. workers say technology has pushed work into their personal lives. this is something we all go through. it never ends. i'd like you to focus a little bit here.

>>> am shocked that that happens.

>> isn't this inevitable? how can you separate your work from your home life if you have an iphone?

>> you put the phone down. we made a pact at home at dinner hour you put the phones away.

>> it is really hard in this 24/7 news culture you feel like you have to respond to people right away. it seems like people expect you to respond right away. if they don't get an answer back from you within seconds, did you get my e-mail? that mice third e-mail i sent.

>> i ran to the restroom. i had a 12 hour break yesterday because somebody picked up my phone instead of theirs, it was awesome. it's not like i'm a doctor. we're talking heads for goodness sakes, how important can it be.

>> that's why i like going on the plane. you can unplug, although there's sn no-go now. people don't know you are.

>> if you tweet on the plane, people know you're on the plane.

>> that's your three or four hours of peace, take a nap.

>> we will put our phones aside and see how many e-mails you get between now and the end of the segment.

>> i couldndon't get a lot of e-mail.

>> we're not that important.

>> friends and relatives, send natalie some e-mail.

>>> this is good. breaking up social media 's past. there are ways to break up, one called kill switch. it seamlessly and discreetly removes all traces of your ex from facebook. if you've broken up, it gets rid of pictures together, anywhere you're tagged with that person erased from facebook.

>> i'm so glad i'm not dating in this age.

>> so is your husband.

>> could you imagine how crazy to delete all the pictures.

>> people torture themselves. i am good at it. once we break up, i remove your number from my phone, like they're dead to me.

>> a little dramatic? dead to me. don't even call anymore. maybe that's not healthy either. the other thing is torture yourself, i think he went on a date last night. who cares? no longer part of your life.

>> another one in brazil --

>> this is for those guys dead to you but still reaching out.

>> if you text your ex, it also sends a text to your best friend , michelle is texting the ex, go get her.

>> my brother needs that, sadly. i hope he's watching. one of those crazies, keeping up with everyone. stop doing that. it doesn't matter.

>> go to the beatles plan, they're dead to me.

>> your brother does that, too?

>> everyone does that, al, unfortunatel unfortunately.

>> our take three. how about this from angelina jolie and brad pitt ? they have a line of wine. the last time we saw brad pitt attached to a product, it went a little something like this.

>> it's not a journey. every journey ends but we go on. the world turns and we turn with it. plans disappear, dreams take ove over.

>> now we know. he was drinking that wine when he did that commercial.

>> that was really important.

>> wine takes over. i got a bottle, how you doing?

>> like that "snl" sketch they did.

>> you have the first 6,000 bottles of organic rose coming from the estate in france where brad pitt and angelina jolie have a place.

>> not a bad deal. $140 a case, 12 bucks a bottle.

>> i'll drink it.

>> a lot of winemakers saying it's good.

>> does a celebrity endorsement make you more-or-less likely to purchase a product?

>> i could care less about the deliberate endorsement. a got bottle of wine, if it's getting good ratings.

>> what about the perfume, j.lo perfume?

>> i'm wearing the chanel that brad pitt -

>> on line one for you.

>> i would say some of these celebrity endorsed fragrances are delightful. there's something like i'm wearing paris hilton .

>> every female celebrity has a perfume label.

>> i think it's a turnoff to see that on your counter. snow maybe for teenagers?

>> i don't know. maybe.

>> leonardo dicaprio , if you watched the whole interview, it's a strange interview, doing a jack nicholson impersonation. no voice, just brows.

>> that's insane.

>> he looks a little like a cross between him and jack black .

>> how do brows do that.

>> that's the best one i've ever seen. he's better than jack.

>> apparently if you do that, you have to be careful.

>> can you guys do your eyebrows that dramatically?

>> i can do one, not two.

>> that's not bad.

>> i can't hold them much longer, can we get a shot? wrong eye. now, i'm confused.

>> we went back to it.

>> that looks great.