TODAY   |  March 07, 2013

7 breakthroughs in hair, makeup, and anti-aging

Every year, more than 1,000 brand-new beauty products hit drugstores and beauty counters across the nation. Leah Wyar of Cosmopolitan shares seven breakthrough products that could change your beauty routine.

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>>> up next, beauty breakthroughs that threaten to change the way you look. first, this is "today" on nbc.

>>> 8:50 with "today's" beauty this morning. the beauty director for cosmopolitan magazine , good morning to you. always one of my favorite segments because we can find out what really works.

>> yes.

>> how did you determine what were the best products ?

>> we get thousands of products at cosmo and look at the science and test them. these are six superstars.

>> real big game changers here.

>> we will start with skin and wrinkles. you say this is a dermatology peel, that good?

>> this is a robbiais an roc retinal correction max. it has tons of retinol in it. it is the big healer right now.

>> is it prescription strength?

>> not prescription strength. functions in determirmatologic tests. if you use these every night, it functions as a determine to logical peel. in drugstores and really really works.

>> for 27 bucks. this is an anti-ager? the price is so worth it because the research went into it is amazing, 27 years of research and found 20 potent botanicals that function like prescription retinae. it's more potent and tested it on 400 women, different ethnicities and such a good serum.

>> you can do it twice day?

>> you can do it twice day or once a day. i like to do it at night time before bed.

>> and for crow's feet, smile lines .

>> these are $42. it functions almost like a top cal botox except they don't paralyze the muscles.

>> i'll take five.

>> there are ingredients like allergies and amino acids thicken that area. when the skin is more structural they found in their 12 week study, the smile lines aren't as noticeable and means you're fending off the crow's feet longer.

>> you do it at the beginning of the day before you go out and not night-time?

>> you can definitely do it at the beginning of the day. if you do it at night-time, it's a cumulative effect.

>> and mascara that clumps.

>> it does. the geniuses at cover girl came up with clump crusher and found out the average size of clump is about the size of a gram of sand.

>> fun facts for a party.

>> this brush they created is created so the bristles are spaced apart not to create that clump.

>> this can't be that expensive.

>> seven bucks.

>> was this armani? a matte lipstick. are you wearing it?

>> i am wearing it. it is $42 and much more easy to wear matte, chic and drying and the lips are hydrated and has a chic velvet feel.

>> we believe you.

>> and garn aye, $10 for this hair coloring kit. it lifts the cuticle with a ammonia and makes it brittle. this is an ammonia substitute that slightly lifts the cuticle and oil-based pigments get into the opening and less damage overall.

>> i see 10 tubes here.

>> this is the pigment you mix it up in this cute container and apply it. over time , it will make sure its condition -- there's a lot of conditioner in here and won't strip your hair and make it dry and damaging.

>> last but not least, pan teteen p proviv, repairs your hair.

>> they discovered when you sleep your hair goes through a lot of damage because you're tossing and turning on the pillow. apply it before bed, leave-in conditioner, very lightweight and an ingredient that will repair the hair.

>> you can get the complete list online.

>>> in 2013 , 13 wrex is