TODAY   |  March 06, 2013

Skin care for men: Cure razor burn, erase wrinkles

Women aren’t the only ones searching for the Fountain of Youth these days. As more men admit they’re concerned about how their skin looks, dermatologist Jeanine Downie reveals how you can help men in your life look younger and feel confident.

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>>> on "today's" beauty, helping men look ten years younger. dermatologist jeannine downey is here to tell us how to treat the most common problems for us guys. good to see you.

>> good to see you, too.

>> oi don't like talking about this stuff.

>> i know.

>> it's just not manly.

>> they're worried about bringing home the bacon and also their romantic viability in terms of what they lock like to us, the ladies.

>> that's true. let's begin with acne. not just a problem for teenagers.

>> exactly. stress and hormones cause it. some of the prescription products great for men, doesn't dry you out too much. aczone. sometimes you need prescriptions. over the counter stuff works sometimes, sometimes it's prescriptions.

>> try the over the counter stuff?

>> and do not pop your pimple.

>> really?

>> it will scar, leave a dark mark and scar.

>> put a big glob of this, this or this on and it shrinks down.

>> okay. let's talk about razor burp. this is a big one for me. any guy who shaves. how do we treat it first? then we'll talk about how to prevent it.

>> no plucking, digging with the tweezers will make it worse. consider hair lazer removal. aveeno shaver smooth. i love this product. and then shave in the grain.

>> only down?

>> not against the grain.

>> i don't feel like i get it all if i just go down. i go down and back up. just go down?

>> just go down.

>> even if you don't do a thorough job?

>> exactly. and cleanser, sometimes you need prescriptions with this, an inflammation of your hair follicles .

>> we all reach a certain age, start thinking about wrinkles. what do we do with them?

>> sun screen is the ultimate anti-wrinkler. botox, we're actually calling it bro-tox.

>> oh, really?

>> so many men are doing it.

>> that's how you're spinning it?

>> that's how i'm spinning it. and juvederm. a lot of men use it around here. i could do it right after the show.

>> i feel like you're just staring at my flaws. so self conscious.

>> if you're not ready for that, we can do the topical that has decrease of fine lines and wrinkles. lot of clinical science behind t it depends what you're in the mood for, invasive or not invasive.

>> risks for botox for a guy?

>> upright for six hours afterwards, no exercising. i tell women no shoe shopping. men aren't really into shoe shopping. lasts six months, costs $250 to $1,000, depending on the area of the country you live in.

>> joe michaels suggests you perform this on me right now on the air. why don't we pass on that one actually? let's get to dry skin .

>> men don't want to be ashy.

>> true. true story .

>> cetaphil works great. a lot of deodorant soaps you use are too drying. this is manly, willie. body washes you think are not manly.

>> no, i don't think that.

>> okay, good. if you have eczema, like 7 million americans do, elidel, prescription, things that can save your skin so you don't bang it out with steroids.

>> you start seeing dark spots on your face when you reach a certain age.

>> sun damage. you can treat them after the fact. we have sunscreen, fade cream that's a topical 4% sold in dermatologist's office. and then chemical peels . that is the most popular cosmetic procedure in my office.

>> is that right?

>> botox is second. they even out your whole skin complexion.

>> peeling a layer of your skin.

>> they frighten people sometimes. they do.

>> the last one i have to ask you about is hair, nose, ear, back.

>> okay. little chia pet thing, looking like you swallowed -- one of my favorite patients came in. i did laser hair removal on his ears. i had to talk him into it the first time but now he's into it.

>> just do it.

>> just do it.

>> we'll go to a break so you can start shooting needles into my face. appreciate t dr. jeannine downey, thanks.