TODAY   |  March 05, 2013

‘Hercules’ star Kevin Sorbo shows spiritual side

For seven years, Kevin Sorbo starred “Hercules” on TV, and while in that role, he suffered three strokes that he says saved his life. Now Kevin, along with 100 others (including TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford), has contributed a personal story to the new book “Billy Graham and Me.”

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>>> kevin sorbo played the role of the divine character herbing lose. while he was portraiting one of the strongest men ever, kevin suffered three debilitating strokes that he says actually saved his life.

>> now kevin along with 100 other interesting people and one of them not so interesting, myself, and every living u.s. president has had a personal story reveeg a spiritual side in a brand new book called " billy graham and me." it's a beautiful book. so happy to have you here today.

>> glad to be here.

>> it's all about our different memories of one of the most extraordinary human beings god ever made, right?

>> you know him. i never met him personally, but i went through a couple of his revivals, and the first time i was 13 years old, and a day -- a night that stuck with me forever. st. paul at the state fair park . it was a hot august night . i remember everything about it. i remember going up and meeting one of his volunteers and speaking for almost an hour with this person.

>> was it a big transformation?

>> i've always been a christian. i've never been a reborn christian. it was one of those moments that stuck with me forever. he was just an mazing man.

>> when she selected you for this book because it is by the chicken soup for the soul people.

>> 20th anniversary, by the way.

>> they've never done this. never chosen an individual to honor this way.

>> did you each do interviews about the book? is that what happened?

>> then they said please write your story. i think i talked about it on some other interview, and they saw it. i was very honored. they called me up. as you have met him, i would have liked to have met the man.

>> an extraordinary group of people. they run the gambit of all of humanity. that's the story of billy's life. he never met anybody he didn't believe was loveable in god's eyes.

>> very true.

>> you look great for a guy who has had three strokes.

>> well, you know, it happened back -- exactly. thank you. i didn't get my drink, though. anyway, you know what, it was between season five, six on "hercules." i was coming back to do a movie, and i had a shoulder problem. they found a lump there. it ended up being an aneurism and it opened up. three clots went into my brain. it took three months to learn to walk again. i did write a book called "true strength." you can check it out at i've been on the tour speaking. hospitals, book fairs, everywhere. people coming up to me saying not just stroke survivors, but heart attack, cancer, saying this book has inspired them to push past what doctors are saying the recovery should or could do.

>> did you regain your speech as well?

>> that one dissolved. that was the speech one, and that resolved on the way to the hospital at cedar sinai.

>> you're a walking miracle .

>> something else with this one's daughter, cassidy. a little movie is coming out.

>> god is not dead. it will be out in theaters this september, october. please check it out.

>> baton rouge , i know.

>> these stories all meet together at the end.

>> life is good for hercules.

>> i've got to go plug for able's field.

>> nice of you to make time in your busy schedule. i got to get that in there because, you know --

>> all of this is on our website.

>> of course, it is.

>> come back in september when the movie is coming out. you and cassidy at the same time.

>> next time make sure i have my cocktail in front of me.

>> sorry. we have not --

>> jerry!

>> we should have wine and some bread in honor of billy graham .