TODAY   |  March 05, 2013

Should anonymous online comments be banned?

TODAY’s Professionals – Donny Deutsch, Star Jones, and Dr. Nancy Snyderman – discuss whether online commenters should be required to include their real names to increase the quality of comments.

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>>> back now at 8:10 with "today's" professionals. star jones , donny deutsch and dr. nancy snyderman are here to tackle the topics.

>> good morning.

>> nurse out in california assisted living calls 911. a resident not breathing, unconscious. she calls 911. the 911 operator says to her, start performing cpr. when the nurse informs her she's not allowed to do that, the 911 operator starts dramatically asking for assistance. listen.

>> she's going to die if we don't get this started. do you understand?

>> i understand.

>> okay.

>> i am a nurse, but i cannot have our other senior citizens who don't know cpr --

>> i will instruct them.

>> in a dining room .

>> i will instruct them. is there anyone there who is willing -- i don't understand why you're not willing to help this patient.

>> i am.

>> 87-year-old unconscious. the nurse says because she's in the independent care unit she is only allowed to call for medical assistance not offer medical assistance . take me through this, nancy. how common is this?

>> i don't know that the nurse placed the 911 call. state by state, institution by institution, the laws are different. the children have not said my mother was treated poorly.

>> no. they said they are satisfied with her level of care.

>> which tells me that this 87-year-old woman might have had an understanding with her children that she did not want heroics and that nurse in that moment knew that, even if she had resuscitated her, she might have died at a later time in the hospital.

>> she did pass away at the hospital. we know that.

>> and she made that call. i want to defend the nurses who make those decisions in that moment.

>> donnie and star, weigh in.

>> she had information maybe because of a dnr but it's another thing to make the decision because of an employment policy. was she evaluating this woman in light of who she is as a nurse or in light of i don't want to lose my job.

>> or potential lawsuit.

>> good samaritan laws would have protected her against a lawsuit and the human being laws should protect her against anything else.

>> it really brings up, i think, a larger issue that we've got to get our arms around that 25% of the health care costs are against people in the last years of their life, keeping people alive. of course, if it's my mom and dad , i want to do the same but we maybe need to give hard looks that some of the procedures being done to extend lives six weeks, eight weeks, ten weeks, that maybe that money could go to saving little baby.

>> that's a national conversation .

>> it's a very different situation.

>> i am not talking about a respirator.

>> i hope one time this is when the lawyers and police stay the hell out of it.

>> switching ahead to topic number three. star brought this to my attention. patrick -- talking about the online comments section of the post's website and sounded the alarm. he said, quote, early on i was a fan of the give and take of anonymous nature of this electronic hyde park corner . now i am not. he goes on to say that people feel emboldened by that anonymity. is it a good way to do away with it, make people file those comment with his their real name right next to them?

>> yes. you want to own your opinion in a public forum . own your likeness.

>> i am stunned sometimes at the level of disgusting -- every time somebody disagrees with you. it's insanity what goes on out the there. let's put some names with it. media that allows that is being irresponsible.

>> i compare it to what the kkk all allowed people to do with the mask. when you're under the mask you can do and say whatever you want to. the mask of the web is giving anonymity to these kind of people.

>> what will it do to the discourse on these websites?

>> it will elevate it.

>> are fewer people going to log on and leave comments?

>> if it lowers the number but elevates the quality, i'm 100% for it.

>> you have to put your name there, log on through facebook.

>> no brainer.

>> last one we'll call mind meld. researchers at duke university , try to follow me here, are working on something amazing. they connected one rat brain to another rat brain and they found a way to transmit information learning from one rat to the other without the second rat actually going through the learning process. what are the ramifications of this, if it can work in human beings ?

>> i could learn spanish.

>> you could learn a language by connecting to the brain of someone who knows spanish.

>> wonderful.

>> i don't know if it's ever going to happen. it's one more example of us becoming a bloated, lazy, entitled -- i don't even want to think anymore.

>> the possibilities, i could hook up to nancy's brain and learn how to practice medicine i could hook up to star's brain, learn how to practice law . i could hook up -- forget you. i don't think we want to go there. seriously, think of the possibilities.

>> the rat model is not a great human model. let me sort of temper everyone's enthusiasm. it's fascinating. but the idea i could hook up my brain to donnie 's and learn how to talk dirty, i don't know that i would want to do that.

>> what knowledge, what piece of knowledge would you want to get transferred to you from another person?

>> oh, easy. i would love to be multilingual in four or five languages instantly. easy.

>> i would love to be able to play a music.

>> i'm having enough trouble with the voices in my head already.

>> become a great chef, architect.

>> how about we take care of ourselves? i'm actual ly getting disgusted.

>> while we're waiting for the rat brains, the real push for the average american is to read more and make the adult -- human brain better.

>> i think computers have made us a little dumber. we don't even do spellcheck anymore. we don't know how to spell. we use a computer. live in the moment, donnie .

>> signing up when --