TODAY   |  March 05, 2013

Bishop imposter nearly gets into the Vatican

An imposter, dressed convincingly as a bishop, made his way onto the grounds of the Vatican yesterday, posing for photos with at least one real cardinal before guards caught on to his act.

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>>> man, wearing the fedora. he made his way on to the grounds, passed through security manned by swiss guards , even posed for photos with one high-profile real cardinal before the swiss guards caught on to his act and then kicked him off the vatican grounds.

>> is it just a coincidence that this camera was following had guy? was it a crew following him on purpose?

>> the guy is ralph mapiersky, founded what he calls the corpus day, a fake order that he claims is, i don't know, part of the catholic church .

>> there were a lot of cameras.

>> on that particular guy and then this picture taken of someone taking a picture of him. it's a little bit suspicious.

>> the fedora could be the give away.

>> the bishop is guido sarducci .

>> want to stop right there?