TODAY   |  March 05, 2013

Fierce winter storm threatens Midwest to East Coast

TODAY’s Al Roker reports on the storm that is expected to dump snow from Chicago across the Midwest and into the East Coast and New England.

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>>> fierce winter storm that al is keeping an eye on this morning.

>>> good morning, savannah and matt. this is from kar tv, i-694. the roads are covered. more snow coming down there. this is the shape of things to come from chicago on to the east. let's go to the maps and show you. right now we've got double barrel low pressure system . moving into chicago , down to the south, heavier showers and thunderstorms developing. those systems are going to change and shift energy, the low pressure system over ohio will transfer its energy to the system that's moving along the coast. during the day wednesday, it makes its way up the coast. strong east to northeasterly winds. coastal and beach erosion along the coast. back behind it, we're looking at snow. depending on the models, here is where we get tricky. right now, we're looking at six to nine inches from iowa to illinois, to parts of central indiana. one model shows heavy snow through the mountains of west virginia , up to 18 inches on into western virginia just to the west of washington, d.c. the american model , you can see not quite as much snow, elkins, west virginia , virginia. the european model gives us generally one to three inches of snow, philadelphia on into new york city and hartford, the heavy snow west of washington, d.c. we still have to wait for this system to form, come up the coast. we do know we are looking at heavy snow for chicago , windy conditions here, starting wednesday on into thursday with a lot of rain and wind. but how much snow, we'll have to continue to track this for you. savannah?

>> all right, al. we know you're keeping an eye on it.