TODAY   |  March 04, 2013

Trendy spring accessories that work with any outfit

TODAY contributor Jill Martin shares some of the new trends for spring, and shows Kathie Lee and Hoda some ways to incorporate them into your accessories, so you can use them with any outfit.

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>> thank goodness for spring being around the corner. it's time to add color back your daily routine stwloosh from the latest trends in home and fashion, to beauty projects and fun gadgets, today contributor and people style watch contributing editor jill martin.

>> author of a new book coming up in a couple of weeks.

>> thank you. the 26th.

>> i saw it in your dressing room .

>> we have you on our schedule, baby. in the meantime.

>> in the meantime, spruce up your home. all customized. you see all the different things here. then this is the best. each of your families are in this x-o board. look. you just cut out these little pictures . it's about $30. what a great gift. this will spruce up any room. great gifts for spring.

>> great.

>> look at little ella.

>> ella got something.

>> ella got something.

>> adorable.

>> control yourself please, hoda.

>> i have three trends for spring that i think everyone can relate to and sort of match up with things already in your closet. white is the new neutral.

>> your favorite.

>> i put on my white shoes already. you can't see.

>> the pumps are from kohl's. this bag is $30 from h & m. i wanted to show all the different things. modify watches. you can switch in and out. all the different things that you could sort of get and it's just inspiration.

>> you say you can wear white now.

>> all year-round. zoo know. winter white girls.

>> we want to wear it, dog gone it.

>> this is the tropical, which really means flowers with a little kick. this is from target under $30. just great items all around. use this as inspiration, and also a little, you know, sexiness from victoria secret .

>> which you will not be wearing.

>> i love. i'm so glad this is back. the lucite collection from dillard, and look at these sandals with the lucite. just a touch of it.

>> moving into beauty. loreal paris usa under $10 or at drug stores . great colors for the spring. and then these inspired by the wizard of oz that comes out this week. just a few things i want to share with you. what wizardry is this? all the different things. like an emerald city , and each of the palates are, like, glenda the good witch. i can't wait. i love these. you are going to love this. these are for iphones. you store in it your credit card and --

>> genius.

>> i have one key.

>> not my keys, but --

>> would you show that to camera so people can see that?

>> you open it.

>> see how you have everything in there.

>> if you go running or something, you have everything with you.

>> and the sweat doesn't get to your credit card .

>> right.

>> yeah.

>> and then --

>> how do i know?

>> and then you charge these beauties for three hours, and then you get a few more hours of time on your iphone.

>> they're charging.

>> oh, they're cute.

>> they are cute.

>> and then this is fabulous.

>> what is it is this.

>> sugarfina.

>> this is my idea.

>> oh, is that amazing? these are -- these are a champagne necklace in there.

>> these are candy?

>> they're candy olives. each is inspired by a different alcohol. that's for rum. you have here -- i know we're leaving, but champagne bears, martini olives.

>> tomorrow ricky schroeder is a doll, and mary lou henner