TODAY   |  March 04, 2013

Today’s Buzz: ‘Modern Family’ cast stuck in elevator

Huffington Post’s Rob Shuter joins Kathie Lee and Hoda to talk about the biggest celebrity buzz over the weekend, including some of the cast of “Modern Family” getting stuck in a Kansas City elevator and Justin Bieber’s “worst birthday” tweet.

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>> fresh from barry manilow 's triumphant closing on broadway, this is fun day monday with tuesday's buzz only because rob was there.

>> monday's buzz.

>> i don't care.

>> hollywood news you may have missed over the weekend.

>> justin bieber had the worst birthday ever.

>> he is only 18.

>> it's naughty but nice huffington post columnist rob --

>> i understand where we were going.

>> get with the program.

>> let's start with bieber .

>> he did tweet out that hi the worst birthday ever. he is 19 and in london doing concerts. he went to a nightclub in london .

>> is that legal at 19?

>> yes. in london you can be 18 to drink, 16 to actually have somebody else order you a drink, and 5 to drink at home. i'm not making it up. there was people in his entourage that were under age and were not allowed in the club. justin just tweeted back out if you think will smith would let his 14-year-old son go to a club, you are silly. he is saying that jaden wasn't there.

>> underage kids were. tloo there were some people that weren't 18 years old.

>> he was banned from going into a club he enjoys going into.

>> so now there's a whole debate. the club is saying we're sorry, but rules are rules.

>> i respect the club for doing that. i really do. there are lots of places he can go and have a drink.

>> he is saying that wasn't the case. he just didn't have a very good time at that club and won't be going back.

>> oh, lord.

>> oh, bieber , stop.

>> so we have a new addition to the nbc family, and her name is heidi klum .

>> isn't that amazing?

>> she's joining america's got talent.

>> i'm going to play devil's advocate. everybody knows heidi and they adore her. what makes her an expert on people's talent?

>> this is a very good point. heidi really has is she's made a career of being a beautiful lady. she's incredible. "project runway" was her idea. she's the executive producer. she put that whole, whole process together.

>> yes. you are not answering the yesh.

>> well, what i'm trying to say --

>> i mean --

>> okay.

>> you whan i mean?

>> like hello.

>> she starts today. the reason we -- they have their name in the big x , and --

>> i think she brings some glamour too.

>> but it's nice to see like what someone is wearing and --

>> oh, she's --

>> howie is back.

>> wow.

>> they took off more than your skin this weekend.

>> that's rude. i'm still in pain.

>> wow.

>> ben affleck went to pick up --

>> you.

>> ben affleck went to pick his daughter up from school.

>> a bit of a scruffle with the paparazzi. there are some reports that he tried to kick them. however, what his friends are saying is that that isn't true. he was kicking his leg out saying you should be this far away from me and my children. he couldn't use his arms because he was carrying his daughter. she's only 4 years old. this is a preschool. there it is. i'm told by many people that he is saying please keep this far away .

>> you know, when it comes to your kids, i get that. i really, really, really do. they make a lot more money if they get the kids in the picture and get you angry at them because of the kids. the price of the pictures go up.

>> we see them --

>> unusual.

>> hard to keep them separate, but they did go to school, and they do have regular lives.

>> they try to have them.

>> they try, and i think we should respect that.

>> let's talk about the cast of "modern family." they were in an elevator. they were in there with some other people, and they got stuck for an hour. let's watch a teeny bit of the tape. then we want to hear what you have to say about it.

>> get us out.

>> get us out.

>> get us out.

>> get us out!

>> they were in there for an hour. that's a long time.

>> an hour is kind of a long time. you know how people start to --

>> what?

>> smell a little bit after about an hour.

>> come on. let's be honest.

>> they're in kansas city to do a charity event.

>> no good deed goes unpunished.

>> actually they got stuck in the elevator. they were there for an hour. eventually they got out, and jesse tweeted thank goodness the firemen in kansas city are cute. apparently a bunch of handsome men got them out. they went then, and everybody -- it was a wonderful night.

>> that was cool. all right. thanks.

>> handled it beautifully, in other words.

>> we love you. we don't know why, but we do.