TODAY   |  March 04, 2013

Boy, 5, racks up $2,500 iTunes bill

A British boy shocked his father by racking up a bill of about $2,500 in just 10 minutes after his dad gave him his iTunes password so he could download a free game. The TODAY anchors chat about this and other stories making headlines.

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>>> we'll begin our take three with the surreal sight of dennis rodman being treated like a respected diplomat. as you know, he went to north korea last week, spent some time with the leader there, kim jong un, bff, buddies, hanging out, going to basketball games, hugging each other. he comes back. he has had such access in a way to the north korean leader in a way no other american has that he gets himself booked on one of the sunday shows. take a look at this.

>> i think the fact that -- you know, he's a good guy to me. he's my friend. i don't condone what he does, but as far as a person to person, he is my friend.

>> nice of george will to lend him the clothes there.

>> that is some look he has there.

>> you start with the look and go from there.

>> right.

>> the state department of the united states of america had to go out to a podium and say we did not send dennis rodman as an emm emmissary. what he says, he is not speaking for us.

>> in case you thought that.

>> they would send lebron james .

>> right.

>> we knew this leader loved basketball and figured dennis rodman was the way into the country. it's all done in the way of a movie. the highest ram esest ranking american official to ever meet --

>> he is not an official.

>> he's dennis rodman .

>> the whole call me maybe question and he did say all that kim jong un wants from the president is a phone call .

>> i don't buy that.

>> the chances of that are like carly rae jepsen singing "call me maybe" to kim jong un.

>> just the sight.

>> fantastic.

>> with the blazer, nose ring . dennis rodman now speaking for the united states of america .

>> wow!

>>> take two, flying feedback. this is from trip adviser, travel study. the top five complaints about airline travel are these. uncomfortable seats and limited leg room.

>> yeah.

>> check. costly airline fees and ticket prices.

>> yeah.

>> unpredictable flight delays.

>> uh-huh.

>> that's on my list.

>> long security lines and other passengers.

>> they needed a study for this?

>> i know.

>> is it really a surprise?

>> these ones are all pretty obvious. the most annoying fees, these ones really get to people, checked baggage fees. some airlines charge you for carry-on baggage, seat selection.

>> that's really annoying.

>> at least one airline makes you pay to print your boarding pass at the airports, five bucks.

>> what?

>> and all those in-flight amenities. natalie, what's your most annoying flying --

>> i have to go with the delays. when they don't even tell you what the reason is for the plane being delayed.

>> you can't fault them for the delays but you're right --

>> they don't tell you the reason.

>> let us know why.

>> you're sitting on the tarmac.

>> right.

>> you already paid a couple hundred bucks for the right to be on the plane and then they're nickel and diming you for your luggage on the plane.

>> no entertainment system on board. how do you do that? what am i supposed to do for the next six hours?

>> or no web access. at this point in american history , we don't have web access. some have it, some don't.

>> a lot don't.

>> wi-fi.

>> that sounds more like wine-fi.

>> it is but if one has it, they should all have it.

>>> a great story for those of you that have kids. maybe you can relate. take three. this story has been trending on a british 5-year-old reportedly racked up more than $2,500 worth of itunes bills in just ten minutes.

>> oh, my god.

>> turns out his dad gave him the password to download free games . after he made his way through the free section, he started going down and buying other things, dozens of games that added up to more than $2,500.

>> i think he then also bought things to help him in that game. that's where they get you. my own kids are always -- mom, can i buy the eagle eye for --

>> yeah.

>> angry birds.

>> yeah.

>> i'm like, no! stop buying.

>> the first thing is don't give the 5-year-old the password.

>> no. that's a mistake.

>> i have a 5-year-old and 3-year-old.

>> they're too smart these days.

>> there's black jack right there on the iphone. and my kids play sometimes. you get a certain amount of free chips.

>> your 5-year-old is playing blackjack?

>> i shouldn't even have said it it. you get free chips. after you lose your money you buy more chips. once in a while i'll get an iphone bill for 40 bucks and my 5-year-old --

>> she's not in school. she's in vegas.

>> she's starting to count cards and everything, too?

>> she's counting cards , splits at right time, doubles when the dealer has a low card. nothing makes a dad more proud than when your daughter doubles against the dealer's low card.

>> that is impressive. you are very proud.

>> i am very proud. it is amazing how good these kids are.

>> they're born into it.

>> it's crazy.

>> it's amazing how by the time they immediately come out of the womb, they're going like this, stretching.

>> my 3-year-old son in a new york taxi, they have these little tvs. when it comes on, he reaches and starts swiping because their instinct now is if i'm not seeing what i want to see, i'm going to go and find it. they don't like being told that they're watching --

>> that's scary. good news is --

>> i guess they learned don't give your kids the password.

>> niky actually figured out my password. i have to get tougher on the passcode.

>> change your bank code while you're at it.

>> thank gdneoodness, he knows he has to go through us to get the password. we're the gate keepers .

>> teach him blackjack while you're at it.