TODAY   |  March 04, 2013

Chelsea Handler addresses ‘feud’ with Matt Lauer

Late-night host and best-selling author Chelsea Handler talks about her feud with TODAY and her mockumentary show “After Lately,” which she calls her “favorite project,” revealing which stars will be appearing on the next season.

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>>> we're back now at 8:18 with late night host and best-selling author chelsea hander. chelsea lately , she also has a m mocumentary show called "after lately." she gets a vicsit from our own kathie lee . take a look.

>> congratulations for being the only woman on late night .

>> thank you.

>> you're like the queen of daytime. everybody loves you. you're like the white oprah.

>> you think?

>> i do think so.

>> chelsea , welcome back. good to see you.

>> thank you.

>> can we start by saying thank you for ending the simmering feud that we apparently had going?

>> i don't know why you always have to attack me publicly. it's like you have this --

>> i thank thougought it was the other way around.

>> sorry.

>> i have so many feuds going that i can't remember exactly what we were feuding about.

>> you have a worst reputation than i do. thank you for apologizing.

>> my pleasure.

>> i'm happy to be here.

>> aren't you supposed to notify me that you're ending the feud in some tweet or phone call or something?

>> i e-mailed you but it said you had a chelsea block on your e-mail. it didn't go through and kicked right back to me. i was making fun of you, or al or somebody and it got carried away and apparently the nbc brass had to come and talk to me and say back off matt lauer .

>> which you now have done apparently?

>> yeah.

>> you could notify me in a tweet. you have 5 million twitter followers?

>> it's slowed down. i was hoping it would go higher but justin bieber is out there and kim kardashian . i can't keep up with those people.

>> do they critique you on a daily basis, these followers?

>> probably. i don't read twitter as much as i should. i don't want to hear i look fat one day. after a while you're like, i get it.

>> do you ever engage them individually when you read it and someone says something you don't like? do you ever go back and tweet that person individually?

>> if it was you or someone, i would. but no. i mean, i just write -- mostly i tweet back happy birthday if somebody wants a happy birthday . it's hard for me to use any sort of electronics. for me to even press reply on a twitter, that's big. that's big time .

>> this is the start of the third season of "after lately."

>> tonight on 10:30 on e! this is my favorite project i've ever done.

>> is it hard to get celebrities to agree to that mocumentary format?

>> why are you yelling at me right now?

>> i'm not yelling. we're having a discussion with energy.

>> no, my friends are very cool about being on. jay leno is on tonight. he's fun. he is a ridiculous human being and deserves to be made fun of charlize theron . kate beckonsail.

>> your ridiculous morons that you call your staff?

>> a lot of funny stuff happens behind the scenes as you know. a lot of stuff happens behind the scenes that people wouldn't really believe. we decided to make a show out of it. since e! doesn't have an editing department we decided to make one for them. we kind of re-created all the stories that go on with the writers behind the scenes , real stuff.

>> we saw the clip of kathie lee gifford appearing on the show, which brings up another one of your many feuds.

>> that was in a good -- i mean, they were right. i didn't show up one morning and went on jimmy fallon the very same day.

>> you told them you were sick.

>> that's my -- i said i can't believe i can't go today. he said let me handle this. so he lied.

>> you're supposed to be with them later today . are you going to --

>> i'm going to stick around here, yes. they have a car seat downstairs for me so i can't leave. i'm going to come back here and drink martinis with hoda and kathie lee because they think they're big drinkers.

>> don't stiff them again.

>> are you kidding? you, me, al, savannah, one big party.

>> chelsea handler and -- oh, there they are. oh, look. they're trying to act tough. i'll be down there in a second, ladies.

>> you're in big trouble . catch "after lately," 10:30 , 9:30 central time on our sister network,