TODAY   |  March 04, 2013

David Copperfield ‘freaked out’ by plane emergency

Legendary illusionist David Copperfield chats about the emergency plane landing that prevented him from making it to Studio 1A and still manages to impress the TODAY anchors with a bit of sleight-of-hand.

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>>> an unusual kickoff to our special series "today's" imagimagic mondays with david copperfield sort of without david copperfield .

>> this didn't go as planned. he was supposed to be sitting right with us on the couch. instead, david is in peoria, illinois. good morning. good to see you. having a little issue with his skype right now, david . we'll try this, though. you're flying from las vegas overnight to us in studio 1a and something went wrong on the plane. what happened?

>> 37,000 feet in the air and i recorded it, it was lasting for a long time. i heard this sound.

>> never a good sound.

>> it wouldn't stopped and they freaked out and told us that we have to take a rapid descent. started a spiral g-force, got to the ground. i thought we were having -- turned out it was snow all around.

>> we're having a little problem with your signal but we'll keep at it a little. assuming that wasn't a flight attendant with a can opener, did you ever figure out what the heck that sound was?

>> let's see if we can re-establish a better connection here.

>> sure.

>> david . but apparently they are fine. they're in peoria. he is doing these great shows in las vegas . we were going to do this show about magic on monday. when he landed and realized he wasn't going to be able to join us, because the show always goes on in entertainment, he stopped and recorded an illusion for us. here it is.

>> in this beautiful hangar to demonstrate how we made our emergency landing with this blanket in the airplane, a wand and that guy.

>> so this guy just appeared. he was going to do the same thing here with that same flight handler.

>> the weird thing was there was this little creature on the wing of his plane.

>> we'll try one more time with the audio, if we can hear you. what are your plans? first of all, when do you think you'll be airborne again?

>> in a few hours, going back to vegas. i have two shows at the mgm tonight, did two shows last night. we'll hope to see you next monday, though.

>> and magically appearing, chelsea handler .

>> chelsea is here to talk about "after lately" after your