TODAY   |  March 03, 2013

Adorable disabled dogs looking for a home

Sister and brother Toy Fox Terriers were born without front legs and initially got around by hopping around like rabbits on their back limbs, until getting custom-made carts and lots of love by rescue workers. They are looking for a home! TODAY’s Dylan Dreyer reports.

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>> and every home would have a dog. two fox terriers, unlike any dog have you ever seen and they just want to become part of the family. hope and badger are on a roll and headed straight for our heart. this inseparable brother and sister were brought to a canine rescue center in washington state about a year ago.

>> honey and badger were probably the result of inbreeding. both born without front limbs.

>> look at them now. you wouldn't know how far they've come.

>> a lot of times dogs like honey and badger are euthanized by the breeder before they are old enough to be adopted out.

>> reporter: first step, the doggie paddle, hydrotherapy.

>> they used to not keep their head above water. they had to get the swimming motion down to put their hips in the right formation.

>> and then special prosthetics.

>> we put the wheels on them and they are going ever since.

>> they don't know where they are going, but they are looking for a permanent home together.

>> they have been together since the day they were born, so they have relied on each other.

>> reporter: and there is one more thing.

>> we hope they can be used as therapy dogs . they have the ability to make children forget that they have any sort of disability.

>> reporter: all these two little dogs need now are a loving home and the road will be smooth ahead.

>> these two guys are incredibly lucky, but everybody who meets them is just as lucky.

>> of course, fin out more by going to our website.

>> i have a feeling they will have a forever home by the end of today.

>> for sure.

>> let's check in with david