TODAY   |  March 03, 2013

Baldwin says he’s ‘in it to win it’ on ‘Celebrity Apprentice’

“I love the idea that I’m back this year,” Stephen Baldwin told TODAY’s Erica Hill. The 13th season of “Celebrity Apprentice” kicks off Sunday, where celebrities are going for another round of drama to try and raise money for their favorite charities. TODAY’s Erica Hill interviews Stephen Baldwin.

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>>> stephen baldwin is back on the first ever all-star celebrity apprentice .

>> make all your best plans and have your best intentions , doesn't mean everybody is going to show up.

>> what if he loses by $100? he's going to wish he sold a couple meatballs.

>> steven is here with us in the studio. nice to have you here.

>> thanks.

>> we saw trace adkins .

>> counting meatballs.

>> this is part what we'll see in the first half. you are facing some old competitors. trace adkins , mary lou henner , omarosa. are you changing anything?

>> oh, yeah. in the psychology of it now, you know all the other competitors on "all-star celebrity apprenti apprentice" have been through it before. whatever you didn't figure out first time around, you have a much better strategy and potential.

>> they are dissecting everything you did.

>> i came back this year.

>> didn't do.

>> i'm a skydiver. i came back this year because i love adrenaline and fear. i love the idea that i'm back this year with like mary lou is my buddy and trace is my buddy and you talk to them like this, and what's going on in the back of their head? will they stab me in the back in 20 minutes ?

>> right, because you're planning the same thing, let's be honest. you're in it to whip, right?

>> i'm in it to win it for mom's organization.

>> for your mom, breast cancer research . you raised $89,000 last time.

>> $100,000.

>> breaking records in terms of fund-raising, that has to feel good.

>> this is really affecting people and changes lives through the charitable works. "all-star apprentice" will be in my opinion, the most fun you have had with "apprentice."

>> real quickly, it was more difficult to sit in the board room the second time around?

>> those that advance by sitting back and being quiet, seasons prior, ain't going to happen this year. one of the protocols is if you don't stand up and fight in the board room , you will get fired. a lot more explosive fireworks this season.

>> we look forward to the fireworks. thank you for coming in. and food luck.

>> thank you.