TODAY   |  March 03, 2013

Duchess Kate travels to Switzerland

Duchess Kate and her husband headed to the wedding of close friends in Switzerland, mixing with the friends and families gathered together to give well-wishes to polo player Mark Tomlinson and his bride Laura Bechtolsheimer. NBC’s Annabel Roberts reports.

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>>> new maimages of the royal family as william and kate attend a wedding in the swiss alps .

>> kate , william and harry side by side once again, this time at the wedding of a close friends in switzerland. the royals for once are not the center of attention and seeming to enjoy it.

>> william and kate , when they are as a couple, and just as people, are quite unassuming, they do just mix quite well with the crowd and remember, all these people will be at the society wedding will be sort of they have met before at polo or other social events. they will be relaxed.

>> with the morning sickness gone, kate is starting to cher hitch her pregnancy. they are attending the wedding of polo player mark tomlinson. his bride won gold at the olympics for dressage.

>> in this particular example, they don't want to take all of the glory away from the bride.

>> at home, kate resumed her charity work , almost five months pregnant, she is living full time in london, while william continues his work in wales. harry too is focusing on his charity work . he spent most of the week in southern africa with his charity he set up to help children with hiv. his mother diana also worked with people with hiv.

>> i hope my mother would be proud.

>> the reality is, it was something very close to his mother's heart. she was somebody who championed acceptance for this disease, acceptance for people suffering with it. and harry, by working with this charity, is staying close to his mother.

>> reporter: as the royal couple prepare for parenthood, no doubt, diana is very much in their thoughts too. annabelle roberts, nbc news, london.