TODAY   |  March 02, 2013

Controversy after Giuliana Rancic says marriage comes before baby

Should you put marriage over motherhood? The debate is swirling after E! News host said she makes her marriage a priority, sometimes ahead of her new baby. NBC’s Michelle Franzen reports.

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>> should you put your marriage before motherhood? that's the debate after comments made by e's host jewely anna ran sick.

>> she said she makes her marriage a priority, even ahead of her new baby. we have the story.

>> how does it feel, honey?

>> it feels good.

>> reporter: she's a new mom.

>> they say the biggest secret for us.

>> reporter: popular e news host and cancer survivor . she recently found herself in the hot seat for saying she and husband bill ransic put our marriage first and our child second. in a statement friday, she made no apologies and said their son benefits from the couple's strong bond . your relationship is the first example your child learns from and we will do everything we can to show our child how much we love, respect and are deveoted to one another.

>> the gift st of what she is saying is she's trying to keep her marriage alive.

>> she also has a reality show with her husband told " us weekly " the secret to their happy marriage is making each other a priority, even after the arrival of their son edward duke. words that struck a nerve. mommy blogs criticized ransic for calling her husband her first baby and her son her second baby. on social media sites like twitter, there was a mix of biting and supportive comments.

>> jewely anna doesn't love her child any less than any other american mom. she really shouldn't have ranked her baby and bill, her husband in, the same sentence. that's where she got into trouble.

>> rancic described her joy on "today" after he was born via surrogate last summer.

>> we are happy.

>> it's good being married to this guy and having a baby.

>> and some family experts say with the high divorce rate and pressures of every day life, rancic may have a point.

>> it is guy time, right?

>> to see a strong bond and it's good for your child sometimes to feel they have to figure out something on their own.

>> reporter: such as patience, or going to sleep. the book "bringing up bebe" profiles a similar approach by french parents who focus on making sure children are not the center of attention. it's not because those mothers are in any way less interested in their kids or neglectful of their kids.

>> reporter: different ideas and debates on how to parent and keep love strong as a family. for "today," michelle franzen , nbc