TODAY   |  March 01, 2013

Try this baked Alaskan cod with veggies

Executive Chef of Oceana Ben Pollinger joins Kathie Lee and Hoda to show how to make an incredible baked fish recipe with carrots, potatoes and peppers that is great for a weekend meal.

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>>> up a light and healthy weekend meal, baked cod with veggies.

>> the executive chef of oceana here in new york. let's cut to the chase . we're going to make this dish because it pairs well with chardonnay.

>> hey.

>> a great chardonnay from christian moreau in france.

>> you have a great restaurant, we should point out. it's a great spot.

>> fantastic.

>> tell us how we're making this.

>> we're going to be doing baked alaskan cod. we've seasoned our fish with a little salt and pepper .

>> okay.

>> and if you had like to go ahead.

>> yes, i would like to go ahead. what do you want me to do?

>> carrots.

>> okay.

>> potatoes.

>> and our green and red peppers .

>> bell peppers .

>> dump it in.

>> allegedly a lot of people like.

>> a lot of people do.

>> a little garlic and basil and parsley.

>> okay.

>> a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil .

>> that's hoda's favorite kind.

>> and by drizzle, glug, glug. a couple of glugs.

>> tell me when.

>> that's good right there. we're going to add a little salt and pepper to that. and then we cover it with foil. and we bake it at 350 degrees. for ten minutes.

>> what are you doing?

>> yeah, why are you here, ben?

>> okay, you bake it like that.

>> after ten minutes, the vegetables are about halfway cooked. we take our fish. and we arrange them on top of the vegetables. put the aluminum foil back on.

>> can i ask you something, please? we hear so much about cape cod cod. what's the difference with alaskan cod?

>> alaskan cod is sustainable. it's a great managed fishery and there's a plentiful amount. the cape cod cod right now, there's been a dramatic decrease in the amount you can catch.

>> it tastes similar.

>> it tastes just the same. and if you don't have cod, you could use halibut or hake or black sea bass .

>> you cover it up.

>> we cover it with the foil. then we're going to finish baking it for about eight more minutes. and then you get the juices from the vegetables, the juices from the fish, all kind of married together.

>> unbelievably healthy, obviously.

>> very healthy. a little bit of extra virgin olive oil . and then here's our finished dish.

>> i want to make sure this cod tastes like the cod i'm used to.

>> it's delicious. big, plump, tasty.

>> it's great. it's firm, flavorful, real meaty.

>> is this one of the recipes in your restaurant?

>> this is going to be in my cookbook coming out next year called "school of fish."

>> how clever are you?