TODAY   |  March 01, 2013

Hey KLG, Hoda! What’s your fave vacation spot?

TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb answer our audience’s burning questions like, where are their favorite places to vacation and what they do in their spare time.

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>>> 2, 1 live with sara haines."

>> who do you have for us?

>> first les from seattle.

>> hi, guys. what do you enjoy doing most on your days off?

>> it's really none of your business, les. go ahead, hoda.

>> it depends. some weekends i'll end up going to d.c. to see my nieces and mom and my brother. when i'm here, hanging, friends, maybe movie, you know, dinner. nothing big. just chilling.

>> simpler the better.

>> what about you?

>> same thing with me. i like family time. just knowing you have a day that you can make for yourself, whatever you want . i do like to go see a good movie, see some theater, a book i like or want to read that's nothing work related. it's calling to me and i can curl up. i love that.

>> next up we've got gina from seattle.

>> hey, girls.

>> hey!

>> what is your very favorite vacation spot?

>> i'm a caribbean girl. i love -- i like it because it's a direct flight . you can get there quickly, puerto rico , places like that, and i just enjoy the beach. i could just chill with a book on the beach for a week, no sweat.

>> for a vacation, my --

>> hello?

>> vacation, i'm thinking about it, my favorite place in the entire world is italy. for a study trip, i love to go to the holy land . that's the most fascinating place on earth. but to just relax, italy.

>> thank you. thanks, sara.