TODAY   |  March 01, 2013

‘Reel Moms’: Mothers review flicks in theatres

Kathie Lee and Hoda are kicking off a brand new segment called “Reel Moms,” where three mothers get to review movies! This week’s agenda includes “Jack and the Giant Slayer,” “Escape from Planet Earth,” and “Safe Haven.”

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>>> we're back with more of "today" on this friday. and we're kicking off a new series called "reel moms" where we talk about the best films to catch this weekend, whether you're renting one for the kids or getting a baby-sitter for tonight.

>> today's movie critics are mother of two jessica shaw who's also the senior writer for " entertainment weekly " and a contributor to the magazine's family entertainment site.

>> tim stack must be so upset you're here. and robin is a lifestyle expert and brand-new mom of a 3-month-old baby girl . and finally comedienne and mother of two jane condon.

>> careful.

>> she's funny already.

>> hi, guys. it's interesting to hear your takes. we often hear from movie critics . now we get a nice little mix. the first one is "jack the giant slayer," the 3-d action film out in films. a lot of special effects . what do you think?

>> this is hollywood's latest take. it's about jack and the beanstalk . i think it's good. it's rated pg -13. there's definitely some violence.

>> robin, do you think kids would like it, or is it too scary?

>> a bit scary. my baby's quite small. but i think my husband would have liked it. maybe it's like a dude and boy movie.

>> how old is your husband?

>> quite young.

>> the special effects are pretty remarkable.

>> i think this is a totally fabulous movie. there was one woman at the screening screaming.

>> was she drunk?

>> it was the director's mother.

>> exactly.

>> all right. so 3-d film "escape from planet earth " in theaters.

>> is that like the old "escape from planet earth " or new one?

>> an alien animated adventure. one brother is stuck in area 61. to me this is like mediocre animation. it's the kind of movie that as a parent you bring your kid and think, huh, what am i making for dinner tonight?

>> not for very young kids.

>> do you guys think it's for parents?

>> it has a huge all-star cast. i actually waited to see who was in it. i think jessica alba and george lopez . maybe sarah jessica parker .

>> during a movie for kids, i sit there and think, guess who's that voice? sofia vergara "modern family."

>> she was hilarious.

>> va, va, va voom alien.

>> let's talk "safe haven." my mom just saw this nicholas sparks movie. loved it.

>> it's about love, right? love.

>> you're right. you're right.

>> nicholas sparks , it has everything -- i mean, this is josh duhamel .

>> i love him.

>> it's cheesy, romantic. there's a canoe ride, a kiss in the rain. this is predictable, but it's doing great because people love predictability.

>> how is julianne hough as an actress?

>> i feel thick they have amazing chemistry. i feel like "the notebook" is the one everyone holds nicholas sparks to. i was happy to get out for two hours.

>> and he's easy on the eyes.

>> she's a beautiful girl . kind of a date movie .

>> did you really think it was good acting?

>> yes.

>> i'm a comedienne. we're not expected to act.

>> i heard that julianne hough , you don't think she's in peril at all.

>> from her past, right? that's one of the things --

>> whatever happens, there's a little scary tension near the end. i want to say, don't worry, she's dating ryan seacrest .

>> she's going to be all right.

>> for rent, "hotel transylvania."

>> it's cute.

>> adam sandler , did it make you wonder, where is he?

>> he plays dracula. he runs a hotel for the frankensteins and the mummies.

>> they've got to stay someplace, too.

>> monsters to get away from humans. and it's super, super cute.

>> he has a party for his daughter, mavis, who is 118. and the human boyfriend who's trying to pretend he's a vampire.

>> sofia vergara is not in this?

>> there's a movie that she missed.

>> now "argo" is going to be out for rent. did you guys all love it?

>> best picture .

>> i want to put in a vote for "silver linings."

>> me, too.

>> because ten years ago, you couldn't do a movie about mental illness. so god bless you, david russell . it was about real people .

>> yeah.

>> who happen to be bipolar.

>> it's not coming out, though, this weekend. you know that.

>> "argo" is super great. it just got best picture at the oscars. it's just such a fun movie to watch. the premise is amazing already. they had to pretend a movie to go into iran. it's done really well.

>> the gentleman it's about is saying very little of it is true.

>> this is interesting.

>> i actually looked it up. i saw president carter basically said the same thing. it's really not true.

>> it's a great movie, but it's not true.

>> thanks, ladies.

>>> getting what you want when