TODAY   |  March 01, 2013

KLG and Hoda chat about the LA talk show circuit

The ladies of the Fourth Hour chat about their recent trip to LA, where they not only did their own show, but also appeared as guests on seven other talk shows. Talk about a busy week!

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>> announcer: and hoda kotb . from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza .

>> and we made it, hoda, i told you we would.

>> and we did.

>> no, i would we would. it's try day friday. it's the first day of march.

>> let's let that soak in for a second. it's the first day of march, which means april's coming and may and summertime. i'm excited.

>> i know.

>> you know who else is excited?

>> sara . we've been playing "get your game on." and sara 's outside. with fans, and we are going to select someone who's going to play a game with us. is that right, sara ?

>> yes. we have a huge class out here today.

>> i know who i want.

>> i know who i want, too.

>> i'm looking at that guy straight ahead . yeah, that's my guy.

>> look at the girl in the pink right there, the pink scarf.

>> this one right here? yes.

>> bring them in, baby.

>> thanks, sara .

>> we're going to have some fun. we had some fun the other day, and we forgot to talk about it yesterday. we went to a musical that i had seen before and actually saw many years ago, and it won the triple crown , the tony for best book , best lyrics , best music for a certain man named rupert holmes who's a jegenius.

>> "mystery of edwin drood ." i loved it, you guys. it's definitely worth going. you'll enjoy yourself . you'll laugh. there's good music.

>> very funny. the gentleman now in it along with such a great cast, rivera and greg edelman, so many tony nominations, is a friend named andrew who was in "scandalous." he's going to be our singer next week.

>> oh, good.

>> go see it this weekend if you get a chance.

>> so you guys knew we were in l.a. for a couple of weeks back there.

>> yeah, we heard from them.

>> we heard from you. but what you might not have known is, we weren't just doing our show.

>> we were very busy.

>> we were very busy. we ran to a lot of other shows, didn't we?

>> like seven of them.

>> seven other shows. we hung out with ellen and steve harvey , kelly osbourne , juliana rancic. let's watch.

>> obviously, i need my cohosts for the hour.

>> joining us now from the "today" show is --

>> kathie lee gifford .

>> i didn't show up to the "today" show one morning. i lied. i e-mailed them and said i can't go. they decided to say that i was sick.

>> you're lying again!

>> kathie lee is off the chain.

>> hoda is, too. hoda is more funny than anyone i know.

>> which one would be the first to take off her bikini top?

>> definitely not me.

>> they are held up by cranes right now, and there would be no room for anyone else on the beach.

>> you got some juice boxes.

>> thank you.

>> thank you.

>> you know it's good when it says "fine red table wine."

>> i got you a little something for your show.

>> you did?

>> come on out.

>> that's not going to fit hoda's head.

>> no.

>> oh, my god. no! no! no!

>> i am a lot of fun at parties. here's the thing.

>> you certainly are.

>> i really, really -- thank you, kyle, for that who put that together. i freaked you out. christine was in the dressing room going -- oh, my gosh! it was grape juice , everybody, okay? i'm clearing it up.

>> we were disappointed. and ellen , too. ellen was, like, what? oh, my god. and that's what it was. it was grape juice .

>> during all of that time we were out there, there was a common stream everywhere we went of questioning about a certain thing. take a look.

>> i promise you, hoda.

>> we're trying to find you a boyfriend.

>> hoda, any takers?

>> chewy is not available for hoda. she needs someone a little more her size.

>> single gal coming out here. yeah, baby. hoda!

>> if you could find me someone exactly like blake shelton .

>> blake shelton .

>> when you're with blake shelton , it is hot in here. i've never loved someone the way that i love you

>> if you're like blake shelton , what's your e-mail address?

>> kathie lee and i are working together to help you, hoda. find love.

>> alfonzo.

>> hoda, he's smart.

>> come on out.

>> what is your favorite wine?

>> it's a wine called chocolate block, and hoda, i think you and i should share a bottle of that.

>> let me tell you who i've been thinking about. could end up with you

>> i don't know why we can't be together. we had a total connection, if you guys were here yesterday.

>> you had a total connection. every time you're together, the sexual chemistry is through the roof. yeah, it was everywhere and it's continued to be. if you have any more thoughts on the subject --

>> no more thoughts.

>> your crazy cousin juju, you know, everybody's got a juju somewhere. whoever you think hoda should be with, we want to hear from you.

>> please, let's move on to other topics. it is the weekend. and the question is how will you spend your time? there's a new book, it's called "the book of times" by lesley alderman. here's what she found out. she interviewed a ton of people.

>> you take this one.

>> if you're having sex this week, it is likely this is what will happen. at 10:16 p.m . saturday night. that is the most popular time of the week. it could also happen --

>> is that a ticking clock?

>> yes. at 9:00. or something annoying.

>> that sounds like a really bad plumber working. it could also happen at 9:00 friday night or 9:30 sunday morning.

>> i vote for sunday morning.

>> in a minute or two, it could be any time you want. who says it happens then?

>> this is what the surveyed showed. so you will spend 16 minutes -- please, could we stop the thing?

>> don't say banging when you're talking about this subject.

>> you'll probably spend 16 minutes on foreplay and 16 minutes trying to get to poughkeepsie . for a total of 32 minutes.

>> you like to just get to poughkeepsie , though.

>> yeah. well, you know, yeah. yeah. i like that.

>> in fact, it's your favorite place in the world, isn't it, hoda woman? i say we do a remote from poughkeepsie . you like it had so much in california. okay, let's see how you guys feel if we get to poughkeepsie .

>> it's time for your "friday funny." i can't wait.

>> laughter, my gosh.

>> that is enough.

>> that's true. from facebook fan linnea. i hope that's right. a tour bus driver is driving with a busload of seniors down a highway. when he's tapped on his shoulder by a little old lady. she offers him a handful of peanuts. after about 15 minutes as she taps him on his shoulder again and hands him another handful. she repeats this gesture, oh, five times more or so. when she's about to hand him another batch, he asked the little old lady, why don't you eat the peanuts yourself, ma'am? she said we can't chew them because we got no teeth, she replied. the puzzled driver asked, why do you buy them, then? the little old ladies, well, we just love the chocolate around them.

>> eww. eww. that is nasty. sucked the chocolate right off.

>> like you've never done it before.

>> it's now time for "bobbie's buzz."

>> what's going on, girl?

>> i have a very cute dress.

>> that is adorable.

>> so fun for almost spring. i have fun stuff for your jewelry that's actually really smart. this is something i wish i would have invented called the care ring. you know how you're afraid of leaving your ring in the bathroom or sink. you just put this over your ring. they stretch. and so you can leave it by a sink or when you're traveling or if you work at a hospital or something, you don't want to leave your ring, really smart.

>> okay.

>> now, if you ever have a ring that kind of falls over your earring, the stud won't point straight, these fantastic stabilizers. you just poke the back through it and it sticks on the back.

>> and faces it the direction you want.

>> in the back, it will stabilize it so it points straight.

>> that's probably not very expensive.

>> also they have for your ring. and then i wanted to make these for y'all. look at this bracelet.

>> oh, my gosh!

>> this is pictures. and i picked some adorable pictures of hoda and kathie. they can make these and overnight them. they're only around $20. so cute. i have them for both of you. last but not least --

>> oh, my gosh!

>> they do all different kinds. they're really cool. usually sometimes the picture jewelry looks a little --

>> this looks beautiful.

>> but that's, like, chic. and last but not least, in honor of all of the drinking around here, i found that these are fantastic studs. and i have them in my ears. get a close-up. they're bottles of wine.

>> oh, my god.

>> do you see those?

>> inspired by hoda last saturday night.

>> i get tagged with the drinking problem . seriously. how did i get tagged?

>> thank you.

>> it's online and you can go to our website and figure out how to win it.

>> thank you, sweetheart.

>> sara .

>> bottle of wine to a bottle of milk. it's time for "today's johnson's baby announcement." first up is kayla a. durand of lafayette, indiana. she came into the world on january 18th to her proud parents. next the adorable savaglio twins, michael and nicholas were born in ohio on january 11th . believe it or not, mom and dad say they love getting up in the middle of the night for their feedings.

>> give it time.

>> our next baby of the week is kai aaron. he was born on january 5th to beaming parents steven and gina of bassett, virginia. and finally, we can't forget baby claire carmouche in texas, born january 11th . mom, mariana's birthday. congratulations. if you want a chance for your baby to anticipate on baby of the week, go to

>> thank you very much.

>>> we want you to look us on facebook because we're close to having a lot of likes. i don't know. go on -- we are wearing the big gloves, all right?