TODAY   |  March 01, 2013

Bobbie’s buzz: Wine earrings, photo bracelets

TODAY’s Bobbie Thomas shares a few of her favorite jewelry products, including guards to protect your rings, a personalized photo bracelet, and wine-themed earrings.

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>> so fun for almost spring. i have fun stuff for your jewelry that's actually really smart. this is something i wish i would have invented called the care ring. you know how you're afraid of leaving your ring in the bathroom or sink. you just put this over your ring. they stretch. and so you can leave it by a sink or when you're traveling or if you work at a hospital or something, you don't want to leave your ring, really smart.

>> okay.

>> now, if you ever have a ring that kind of falls over your earring, the stud won't point straight, these fantastic stabilizers. you just poke the back through it and it sticks on the back.

>> and faces it the direction you want.

>> in the back, it will stabilize it so it points straight.

>> that's probably not very expensive.

>> also they have for your ring. and then i wanted to make these for y'all. look at this bracelet.

>> oh, my gosh!

>> this is pictures. and i picked some adorable pictures of hoda and kathie. they can make these and overnight them. they're only around $20. so cute. i have them for both of you. last but not least --

>> oh, my gosh!

>> they do all different kinds. they're really cool. usually sometimes the picture jewelry looks a little --

>> this looks beautiful.

>> but that's, like, chic. and last but not least, in honor of all of the drinking around here, i found that these are fantastic studs. and i have them in my ears. get a close-up. they're bottles of wine.

>> oh, my god.

>> do you see those?

>> inspired by hoda last saturday night.

>> i get tagged with the