TODAY   |  March 01, 2013

Wallet-friendly getaways to Florida, Catskills

If you want to take a weekend trip and are on a tight budget, Nilou Motamed of Travel + Leisure magazine is here to help. She shares five trips around the country that all cost less than $210 a night.

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>>> weekend getaways. nilou motamed is editor for travel & leisure. march is a good time to get away. winter is going to hang around for another month. great time to escape. you want to start in the southeast.

>> people love to go to miami. sometimes the price tag is overwhelming. ft. lauderdale is a great alternative. there's a fantastic hotel called the be ocean where every room has incredible views of the ocean. they're not skimping on perks. there's free ipads, free wi-fi, infinity pool , cool sushi restaurant. cab anas where you can star gaze in the evening. and, of course, that beautiful beach.

>> $199 a night.

>> great deal for this time of year. that's a weekend rate. all the rates we'll be giving you is a weekend rate.

>> up here in the northeast, you're taking us to the catskills.

>> we're going to beat it. this hotel, we are in love with the travel & leisure, weekend rates are $99 a night. another hotel trying to make you feel like you're getting a great value for your money. not only do they give you coupons for going to hunter, but in the summertime you get free bicycles. so charming. it feels like a combination of hipster brooklyn crossd with boho catskills. the price tag cannot be beat $99 a night on weekends.

>> that's a nice place year round, particularly right now. and northern california .

>> i was just in northern california . specifically in mendocino, so charming, farmhouses, collection of cottages. you'll get views that are just breathtaking of the pacific. if you're there between now and april you might be able to see whales because they migrate through there. breakfasts are killer. and hot chocolate . i don't know what the trick is, but it's really pretty good stuff.

>> beautiful views right there. also the part i love, they will bring you a bucket of iced beer, local craft brew.

>> now i know what to get you for christmas.

>> for people who don't live in that area, lake geneva , one of the most beautiful places in the country.

>> you know it. only two hours away from chicago. the grand geneva resort is celebrating its 45th anniversary. it's a beautiful, architecture. actually in the wintertime they have a great water park for kids and it's not just for kids. adults can have fun there, too. they have a great steakhouse. do you know what they do after dinner? s'mores, fire pit . and skiing. you have a little bit of everything. great for the family.

>> in between chicago and milwaukee, so a lot of people within striking distance.

>> you know a lot. you've done some research.

>> little bit. let's go to the southwest. red river ranch. this is kind of an outdoor experience.

>> this is stunning if you love the idea of going out into beautiful southern utah landscape, this is the place to go. you'll have access to so many of the incredible national parks . what i love about this place, it really feels like city slickers where you've gone into a place that feels authentic and authentically rustic. floor to ceiling fireplace in their great room, buffalo heads and trophies from bygone eras, navajo-inspired decor throughout. horseback riding , hiking, do all the things that you don't get to do while you're sitting at your desk, wishing you're on a long weekend getaway.

>> that may be more of an active weekend.