TODAY   |  March 01, 2013

Prime real estate for under $400,000

TODAY real estate expert Barbara Corcoran shows off a mix of houses, from a Greek revival in Michigan to a colonial estate in New Hampshire, all on the market for less than $400,000.

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>> in grand blank, michigan.

>> grand blank is a great community. a lot of weekend people go there actually. it's hard to believe. you could get 4,300 square feet of greek revival mansion.

>> wow!

>> look at that, and it's only $399,000, please. i had to check the price three times. sparkling blue pool out in the backyard that echoes the styles of the main house . this just happens to come with the house at that price. natural preserve of many acres. you're not paying the taxes but getting to use those acres like it's your own backyard. inside there's a salon with french doors . pretty fancy dancy, i think.

>> they have a spare living room ?

>> yeah, yeah, in case you get bored with the main living room . big master bedroom with a seating area. that, remember, is only one of five bedrooms and 4 1/2 baths. that's one big house .

>> sure is. santa fe , new mexico, a charming piet e terre.

>> only 905 square feet but steps from the most popular art galleries and santa fe 's famous canyon road , which is where you want to live in you're young and excited about life.

>> unlike the rest of us.

>> people over the hill, you know. that's too small for me. i would rather have something bigger. it has a step-down kitchen with wooden cabinets, updated appliances. flagstone floors throughout the entire place, french doors . that fireplace in the living room make it is informal. of course, they needy new table set, i think. it looks a little weary. but the property taxes are just $1,500 a year. sweetheart of a house to move into.

>>> let's head offer to the northeast and ownal, maine.

>> it's a hard one to pronounce. rural area from downtown portland , 10 miles from freeport, home of l.l. bean . full outdoor kitchen. you can cook in, cook out. your choice. the kitchen inside is pine and glass cabinet fronts. formal living room and dining room and one long open space , probably 45 feet end to end , it has a vaulted ceiling and big palladium windows out back is more like a huge sun porch with those windows and high ceiling. you almost feel like you're living outside. what a beautiful house . remember, it's only $399,000. that's our magic number today.

>> this isn't a how. it's an estate, renovated federal estate for $399,000.

>> that's our number today. this is a very unusual house . not unusual for that part of the country, but usually they are pricey. there's no sales tax , there's no income tax and it makes it a haven for a lot of rich folks. see that detached garage. there's a family room with dark wood floors openi inin ining on to the deck. that comes for free if you want to take care of it. it's a heck of a lot of work but why not? it would be worth it. there's a kitchen that needs new lighting. there's a living room , dining room combined. there's a fireplace. i love that center cabinet. flagstone floors. what's wrong with this? if you take a look at the place where we ought to hang out, al, popping in that tub, soaking the day away. i would buy that house just to have that opportunity.

>> finally, we're heading south to little rock , arkansas. it costs $399,000, built in 2001 . it's got four bedrooms.

>> come back. i'm only kidding. get back here. come on, come on, come on. nothing weird about this house . calm down, okay? it's a formal brick home with landscaping. it's a nice house , okay? it's in a community of private homes, swimming pools, shopping malls . you basically don't get to meet anybody else if you live here. it's beautiful. all the finishes have been totally redone in this house . beautiful little features and this house , remember, is -- what do you think the price is?

>> $399,900.

>> wrong, $389, on sale today.

>> barbara corcoran, thank you so much.

>>> still ahead, affordable weekend getaways